Birgitta Jannesson

Birgitta Jannesson was born in 1955 and living in Gothenburg . She works with ceramics, both with everyday used objects and unique art items. When it comes to everyday objects, she wants them to be functional and timeless and that you can see the craftsmanship behind the object. Gladly reduction fired – when she uses the classic glazes such as celadon, temmoku, shino. As for her unique art items she works frequently with various oxides, such as iron oxide, and often with fired photographs. She wants the objects to evoke a thoughtfulness and to convey thought as well as feeling.



Solo exhibitions
Galleri Nord, Örebro, i samarbete med Maria Lund, 2016
RiverCity Gallery, together with Gerd Thorngren, Göteborg, 2015
Tofta Konstgalleri, together with Gerd Thorngren, Tofta, 2014
“Om hamnen inom”, together with Simon Rydén, Galleri Hantverket, Stockholm, 2014
“Om hamnen inom”, together with Simon Rydén, Lerverk, Göteborg, 2013
Skulpturutställning, Vallåsens Värdshus, 2011
“Jorden vi lever av”, Palmhuset, Trädgårdsföreningen, Göteborg, 2010
“Under ytan”, Konstnärshuset Kungsbacka, början av 2000-talet
“Kannors former”, Konstnärshuset Kungsbacka, slutet av 1990-talet

Group exhibitions in selection
RiverCity Gallery, 2014
Kungsbacka Konsthall, med Terra Stoffa, 2010
Ålgården, Borås, med Lerverk, 2010
Upmarket i Trädgårdsföreningen, Göteborg, 2008-2012
KHVC konsthantverksmarknad, Kronhusbodarna, Göteborg 2005-2007
Vänhem, Nääs slott, Floda, med Konstnärshuset, början på 2000-talet
Falkenbergs konsthall, med Hemslöjden, slutet på 1990
Kungsbacka konsthall, med Hemslöjden, slutet på 1990

Prices and assignments
Dove above the baptismal font , Vallda church , Kungsbacka
Won first prize for best booth at Upmarket 2009 ( arr. KHVC )
Won the competition for the production of logo for Frillesås school, 1995

Formal education
Continuously courses for training in new techniques in the profession, including screenprint on paper , KKV Gothenburg , 2012.
Full-time six months glaze chemistry , 1995
Two year ceramic training at Löftadalens college in the early 1990s

Kungsbacka culture management
Garden Society of Gothenburg

Professional organisation

Konsthantverkscentrum (KHVC)
Kollektivverkstaden (KKV) Göteborg


A selection of Birgitta Jannessons art

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