Charlotta Gavelin

Charlotta Gavelin is a Gothenburg-based artist who works with photography in various expressions. Preferably exploratory towards book projects with the narrative in focus or in alternative photographic techniques such as Cyanotype. In time-consuming processes, unique works are created that explore vegetation in its own way or in the meeting between man and nature.

Charlotta has extensive experience in photography and is currently completing the final year of the artistic master’s program in photography at HDK-Valand.

She also has a master’s degree in art pedagogy and works as a university lecturer at Hdk-Valand’s art teacher education and holds screenings of current exhibitions at Hasselblad center in Gothenburg.


Exhibitions in choice:

2021 Foto x 3, RiverCity Gallery, Göteborg

2021 Galleri Monitor, Göteborg

2020 Street Gallery, Göteborg

2020 Konstrundan Västra Hisingen

2019 Konstrundan Västra Hisingen

2019 UBC, Vancouver

2019 Sommarsalong RiverCity Gallery, Göteborg

2019 HDK-Valand

2019 Jubileumsutställning RiverCity Gallery, Göteborg

2018 Konstrundan Västra Hisingen

2018 Galleri Monitor, Göteborg

2018 ”Sköra ting”, med Niklas Fännick, RiverCity Gallery, Göteborg

2018 Cyanotopi, AstraZeneca, Mölndal.

2017 Cyanotopi, Konstrundan Västra Hisingen.

2017 Cyanotopi, Galleri Garvaregården, Långasjö.

2016 Cyanotopi, Gummitryck, Konstrundan Västra Hisingen.

2016 Fotografi och Illustration, Bokskåpet, Göteborg.

2016 Gummitryck, Galleri Riddaren, Stockholm.

2015 Fotografi och Illustration, Galleri KWall, Österlen.

2015 Fotografi och Illustration, Galleri Lohrs pocket, Göteborg.

2014 Gummitryck, SVT media, Göteborg.

2012 Bokillustrationer, Galleri Lohrs pocket, Göteborg

2012 Bilderböcker för barn, Stadsbiblioteket och Bokskåpet, Göteborg.

2012 Fotografi och Illustration, Hindås Kulturfestival.

2011 Fotografi, Smålandsalongen.

2010 Fotografi, Fotohögskolan-grupputställning, Göteborg.

2008 Fotografi, Galleri K, Alingsås.

2006 Fotografi, Tillspetsat och Trådrakt, Rydals museum.


A selection of Charlotta Gavelins art

Charlotta Gavelin, cyano...
Charlotta Gavelin, cyanotypi, ramad, 50x70 cm, 5700 kr

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