Claes Hillén

Claes Hillén is an autodidact, a photographer who for many years walked around with his camera in the forest, mountains and coastal landscape.

He has had 15 own exhibitions over the years and has also been part of a number of exhibitions with other photographers and artists.

In the exhibition “Landskapande”, shown at the RiverCity Gallery February 22 – March 10, 2019, landscape images are shown in abstraction and perfection. They will move you from the impressing landscapes, where the Andalusian almond trees show up in their full splendor, to intimate landscapes in the Nordic nature.

All pictures are photographed, processed and printed by himself. Claes is a perfectionist and the pictures are on fine art paper of the highest quality and framed with passepartout and clear glass.

Claes is also a dedicated street photographer and some of his pictures can be found at:


A selection of Claes Hilléns art

Claes Hillén, "Andalusi...
Claes Hillén, "Andalusien, Mandelblom", foto.

Claes Hillén, "Rya skog...
Claes Hillén, "Rya skog", foto.

Claes Hillén, "Säveån...
Claes Hillén, "Säveån", foto.

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