Hans-Göran Broman

Born in 1965 , living in Kinna.

Hans-Göran’s interest in painting was first raised at drawing lessons at school, and he has been painting ever since. Nowadays in a studio at Rydal Museum . He has tried different techniques , but it is in the oil painting that he feels at home.

” I move often in a border zone between the abstract and the figurative. Sometimes it’s both. Figures indicated and it triggers thoughts of those who see the pictures. “


Rydals Museum 1990
Decembersalongen, Göteborg 1991
Höstsalongen, Borås 1992 Galleri Maximus
Borås Konstmuseum 1993
Konstnärshuset Sjöboda, Jönköping 1994
Höstsalongen, Borås 1994
Marks Konsthall, Kinna 1995
Flamenska Galleriet, Borås 1998
Ulricehamns Museum 2000
Galleriet, Svenljunga 2001
Sandareds Bibliotek, Sandared 2002
Flamenska Galleriet, Borås 2003
Galleri Glasverandan, Fristad 2004
Marks Konsthall, Kinna 2006
Konstnärsgalleriet, Tranemo 2009
Marks Konsthall, Kinna 2010
Konstrummet, Dalsjöfors Bibliotek 2011
Galleri K, Skene 2013
Flamenska Galleriet, Borås 2015
RiverCity Gallery, Solo show, Göteborg 2015
RiverCity Gallery, Group show, Göteborg 2016,2017
Nutida Sjuhäradskonstnärer, Rydals Museum 2016
RiverCity Gallery, together with Torbjörn Hahne, Göteborg 2018

Utsmyckning av Hyssnaskolan 1996

Lions club Svansjö 1993
Lions club Kinna 1995
John Hedaeus-stipendiet 1998


A selection of Hans-Göran Bromans art

Hans-Göran Broman, "Sil...
Hans-Göran Broman, "Siluett", oljemålning, 2800 kr

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