Jenny Söderlund

Born in 1972 and lives in Bankeryd just outside Jönköping.

Jenny combines her own creation with teaching painting and sketching at Mullsjö Folkhögskola.

“I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and it started in Grandma’s lap at home in the kitchen. Then the favorite motif was princesses and castles and now, just over forty years later, it is still the girl or woman who is at the center. However, without the princess crown. Animals have always been close to me and cats and dogs are recurring elements in both painting and sculpting.

After many years of devoting myself to acrylic painting, I have started sculpting more and more in recent years. It is exciting to see how my ladies from the paintings “step out” and become a three-dimensional shape.

I see my paintings and sculptures as a touch in a story that I want the viewer to continue to fantasize about. ”


Bildlärarlinjen, Umeå universitet, 1996 – 1999
Skulptur, Viebäcks Folkhögskola, v t 1996
Foto, Viebäcks Folkhögskola, 1994 – 1995
Bild och Form, Viebäcks Folkhögskola, 1993 – 1994

Exhibitions in selection:
RiverCity Gallery, Göteborg, 2020
Kulturstugan i Karlsborg, 2019
Södra Vätterbygdens konstrunda, Jönköping, 2019
Hjo Konstrunda, Hjo, 2019
Galleri Lergrejeri, Sevdabo, 2019
Södra Vätterbygdens konstrunda, Jönköping, 2018
Ljungby Konsthall, 2018
Hjo Konstrunda, Hjo, 2018
Södra Vätterbygdens konstrunda, Jönköping, 1-3 sept 2017
Privat vernissage, Stockholm 1-2 april 2017
Södra Vätterbygdens konstrunda, Jönköping 2016
Bäckaskog slott, 2015
Länssalong 2014, Vetlanda
Höfðatorg, Reykjavík 2013
Länssalong 2012, Eksjö
Kulturnatta, Galleri 2åar 2012
Galleri Blå, Jönköping 2012
Tändsticksgränd 24 i Jönköping 2011
Fjällstugan, Jönköping 2011
Ljungby Konsthall, 2010
Galleri Blå, Jönköping 2010
Kulturdagnatt, Nyfiket, Jönköping 2009
Vaggeryds konstförening, 2007
Konsthallen Ljungby Bibliotek, 2000
Gamla bryggeriet, Köpingsvik, Borgholm, 1999
Lilla galleriet i Ljungby, 1999


A selection of Jenny Söderlunds art

Jenny Söderlund, "Catch...
Jenny Söderlund, "Catch me if you can", olja på duk, 62x95 cm, 9000 kr

Jenny Söderlund, "Edens...
Jenny Söderlund, "Edens blommor", keramik, 800 kr / st

Jenny Söderlund, "Suffr...
Jenny Söderlund, "Suffragett", skulptur, h 26 cm, 3500kr

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