Jim De Block

Jim De Block is a Belgian photographer based in Göteborg, Sweden. He studied Fine arts photography at the Royal Academy in Antwerp. Jim is also a professional dancer and choreographer currently employed at the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani. His training and practice as a dance artist is clearly visible in his photographic work, where the body in relation to space is always a central theme.
In his photographic series “Neither here nor there” he proposes a poetic renegotiation of the relationship we humans have with our surroundings. How do we relate to our environment and how can we imagine ourselves moving through and occupying our habitat differently? With his work he draws a parallel universe, envisioning an alternate reality where the impossible seems possible and the mundane seems remarkable. The “Neither here nor there” series have been exhibited at the Copenhagen Architecture Festival this year and will now be shown in Sweden for the first time.

A selection of Jim De Blocks art

Jim De Block, "Neither h...
Jim De Block, "Neither here nor there", foto

Jim De Block, "Neither h...
Jim De Block, "Neither here nor there, I", foto, 94x63 cm.

Jim De Block, "Neither h...
Jim De Block, "Neither here nor there, II, foto, 94x63 cm.

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