Linda Ljungblad

Linda Ljungblad, watercolor artist, born 1988. Grew up in Falkenberg, now living and working in Gothenburg.

“Has painted and created as long as I can remember, and the watercolor has become a faithful companion over the years. Loves light and contrasts, which are often characterized by my paintings. Always bring a picture from the places I visit and then  I try to recreate the environment and my personal feelings in my watercolors. Recurring city and ocean motif has also become a distinctive feature of my art. “


Solo exhibitions

2014 Falkmanska, Falkenberg

2017 Laurentiuskliniken, Falkenberg

2018 Strandbaden, Falkenberg

2018 RiverCity Gallery, Göteborg


Group exhibitions

2017 Atelje Råå, Falkenberg

2018 Konst & designmarknad, Stenungssund

2018 Kastellgatan, Göteborg



One of the winners in  “Sätt färg på Göteborg” (Gothenburg art 21)


A selection of Linda Ljungblads art

Linda Ljungblad, "Välko...
Linda Ljungblad, "Välkommen hem", akvarell, 50x70 cm med ram. Såld!

Linda Ljungblad, "Godnat...
Linda Ljungblad, "Godnatt skatt", akvarell, 40x50 cm med ram. Såld!

Linda Ljungblad, "Kämpe...
Linda Ljungblad, "Kämpebron", akvarell, 50x70 cm med ram. Såld!

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