Louise Villa

Born in 1974 and now living and working outside Lund. She has always painted and started exhibiting in 2013. Since then, there have been many exhibitions around Sweden and also abroad. Louise paints in oil and acrylic. She often works in several layers to give the paintings a depth.

“I think of art as a way of communication. An artwork leads the recipient to his/her own deep intuitive self. To expirience art we spontaneoulsy reach inside our selfes. To look at the surface is just not enough, even though it may be compelling with its colors, contrasts and motives. It is what happens inside us, as viewers, that is of real interest. When we expirience art that resonates with our own history and experience, we feel moved, touched, stirred, even provoked.

I believe it is those emotions and memorys that actually gets to us, not the art in it self. I would like to say that art (all artforms) are mirrors that relects our own selfs.” 


Artistic education

Bachelor of Design in Design, University of Design and Crafts, HDK, Gothenburg 2001.

Other artistic education: One year at Dômen’s graphic school, Öland Folkhögskola Bild och Form, SV’s full-time painter school in Malmö. Various watercolors and ceramics courses as well as portrait painting at the Florence Academy of Fine Art in Gothenburg and the Swedish Academy of Realist Art, Simrishamn.

Jury judged exhibitions:
Galleri Backlund, Göteborg. Moving art project (turnerande utställning i Sverige). Väsby konsthall, Krapperups Kullasalong, Romelegårdens höstsalong, Edsviks höstsalong, Galleri Hultmans internationella höstsalong (två gånger), Konstrundan Mittskånes höstsalong, Art Map, Portugal. hÖsterlensalongen, Märsta konsthalls höstsalong KonstNu, Galleri Stenhallen, Borgholm. Fresh Legs, Insel galleri Berlin. Boomer Gallery, London.

Other exhibitions in selection:
Galleri Nord, Örebro
Flaménska galleriet (duo med Annika Wennberg), Borås
Karlshamns konsthall (separat), Karlshamn
Heike Arndt galleri, Kettinge, DK
Galleri Eklund, Stockholm (separat)
Oskarshamns Konsthall (separat)
Galleri Jäger & Jansson, Lund (separat)
Galleri Sjöhästen (duo med Ardy Strüwer), Nyköping
Galleri Nordica, Ystad (separat)
RiverCity Gallery, Göteborg (separat)
Galleri Fågel, Beddinge
Marsvinsholms slott, Skurup
Galleri Majnabbe, Göteborg (separat)
Aoseum, Åhus  (separat)
Röstånga konsthall, Röstånga (separat)
Kraften, Lomma
Rådhushallen, Malmö
Stadshuset, Eslöv (separat)
Galleri Transformatorn, Löddeköpinge (separat)
Akzo Nobels konstförening, Malmö
Galleri Thorlund, Lund
Vellinge kommunhus (separat)
Galleri Alma, Anderslöv
Sesam konstförening, Lund
Hörby Museum
Tetra Pak, Lund
Åkerlund & Rausings konstförening, Lund
Konstrundan på olika platser: Stenladan Torups slott och Galleri Isie tio, Trelleborg.

Västra Götalandsregionen

Has taught painting at the Studieförbundet adult school and at the Medborgarskolan. Adopted two Artist in residence autumn 2016. In Rud, Laxarby and Ricklundgården, Saxnäs.



A selection of Louise Villas art

Louise Villa, "New world...
Louise Villa, "New world", 50x70 cm, akryl på duk, 7900 kr

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