Niklas Fännick

Born 1983, living in Gothenburg.

Trained in artsmith and has been working exclusively with art since 2012. He has made public works of art to, among other things, Stenungsund’s arena, the municipality of Lidköping, Mlada Boleslav municipality in the Czech Republic, etc. He has had own exhibitions at the Museum of Natural History, Vänermuseet, Stenungsund and Lysekil’s art halls and participated in Open Art in Örebro and Stora Bryne Art Park.

“I love nature because of its inexhaustible expression. I prefer the animals at the center and rarely build contexts but rather use the specific site as part of the artwork. I love the iron because of its eternal nature. The iron we use now came before us and will remain behind us. It’s just right now you and I decide what shape it should have.
What are we leaving for us?

In my work, I’m not primarily interested in creating a shape or an animal of the material I use, but rather, it’s about finding the personality in a specific part and then assuming it. It is not the image that is central but the expression a certain part of my material has in itself. I want to capture that part, that expression, and place it among other objects that make the audience also see what I see. I want to do as few brush strokes as possible. Sketchily. The idea itself is to capture the character, and to put the material that captures the character in focus. Some kind of reverse biomimetics. “


Artistic education:

2007-2011, Niklas was trained as a artsmith at the Iron Academy (Mittuniversitetet) and the Foundation for Crafts and Education under Lars Sjöberg, Ulla Rasmussen,  Martti Risku and Johan Sangberg

1999-2002 educated in graphic form.


Solo exhibitions in selection:

Juni 2018 Avesta konsthall

22 sept- 23 nov 2017, ”Stulen skönhet”, Konsthall Spisrummet, Landstinget i Värmland

3-17 juni 2017, “Djur du inte kände till”, Lysekils konsthall

4 okt- 4 dec 2017, Naturum Vattenriket, Kristianstad

Jan 2016 ”Natur och annat skräp”, Traktörens konsthall Stadsbyggnadskontorets Konsthall

Maj-juli 2015 Naturum Hornborgasjöns nationalpark (Länsstyrelsen)

Mars 2015, ”Djur, Galleri Koch och Stenungsunds konsthall

Jan-mars 2015 ”Skrota alla djur”, Vänermuseet i Lidköping

Sept- nov 2014 ”Skrota alla djur”, Naturum Tyresta Nationalpark (Länssstyrelsen)

Jan-mars 2014 ”Skrota alla djur”, Naturum Fjärås Bräcka Nationalpark (Länssstyrelsen)

Juni 2013-jan 2014 ”Skrota alla djur” Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, Stockholm


Group exhibitions in selection:

Dec 2018, Christmas exhibition, RiverCity Gallery, Göteborg

Maj 2018 ”Sköra ting”, med Charlotta Gavelin, RiverCity Gallery, Göteborg

Juni-sept 2017, OpenArt, Örebro

Maj-aug 2015 Repslagarmuseet i Älvängen

Maj-aug 2015 Stora Bryne konstpark, Lidköpings kommun

Juni 2014- jan 2015 ”Steampunk”, Sveriges järnvägsmuseum, Gävle

2013 Surte Glasbruksmuseum

2012 Sommarsalong i Kajskul 207, Göteborg

Maj-okt 2010 ”Grinden”, Borås museum

2008 Examensutställning, Kramfors konsthall


Public sculptures and works in public environment, in selection:

”Natural Geotraffic, 2017, skulptur, Örebro konsthall

”Sågelskådning”, 2017, skulptur, Öbo, Örebro

”Vita fälgen” – en homage till Värmland”, 2017, skulptur Centralsjukhuset i Karlstad

”Flytande värde”, 2016, skulptur, Nya operationshuset, Centalsjukhuset i Karlstad

”Krillmästare”, 2015, Stenungsunds arena

”Mlada Zirafa”, 2014, utomhusskulptur i Mlada Boleslav, Tjeckien

”Manetism”, 2014, skulptur i Kungsbacka kommun

”Fisk i sitt rätta element”, 2012, skulptur, Spekeröds förskola, Stengsunds kommun


A selection of Niklas Fännicks art

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