Tarik Hardaga

Born 1960 in the former Yugoslavia, Sarajevo, Bosnia.
In 1980 he started painting and this led to many well-attended exhibitions in his home country.
He has lived with his family in Sweden since 1994. He began his art education in 1995 in Visby and finished it 4 years later in Falkenberg.

“I am inspired by classical art that I want to reproduce in a modern way. Since the start in my hometown of Sarajevo, I have had several successful exhibitions in Europe and the United States.”



2020, RiverCity Gallery, Göteborg 3-18 okt
2020, Konstliv Halland, Halmstad
2020, Båthuset i Onsala
2019 RiverCity Gallery, Göteborg
2019 Lomma konstförening, Lomma
2019 Konstliv Halland, Halmstad
2019 Romele konsthall, Dörröd
2018 Öppna sinnen, Höllviken
2018 Konstliv Halland, Halmstad
2018 Tofta konstgalleri, Varberg
2017 Svensk Konsthandel, Uppsala
2017 Konstliv Halland, Halmstad
2016 Galleri Black And White Art, Halmstad
2016 Galleri Ridelius, Visby
2015 Galleri Småland
2015 Galleri S Uppsala
2014 Galleri Vättern
2013 Galleri Säbygården
2012 Galleri Black and White
2011 Galleri Ridelius,Visby, Gotland

Galleri Hanna Kaarina,Helsinki, Finland 2010
Galleri Leonardo, Sarajevo 2010
Black and White Art, Halmstad 2009
Galleri Nykvarn, Enköping 2009
Galleri Åhus 2008
Galleri Rydelius, Visby 2007
Galleri Hanna Kaarina, Finland, Porvo 2007
Galleri Nykvarn, Enköping 2006
Black and White Art, Halmstad 2006
Galleri Agora, New York 2005
Galleri Hamnen i Viken 2005
Galleri Agueli, Stockholm 2005
Konsthall Ekerum, Öland 2005

2004 Galleri Nykvarn, Enköping
2004 Konsthall Ekerum, Öland
2004 Galleri Art, Stockholm
2003 Black and White Art, Halmstad
2003 Galleri Skåne
2003 Galleri Nykvarn, Enköping
2003 Galleri Ridelius, Gotland
2002 Galleri Blå, Linköping
2002 Black and White Art, Halmstad
2001 Galleri Nykvarn, Enköping
2001 Gotland Visby
2001 Köpenhamn, Danmark

Volmar Galleri, Stockholm  1999
Sparbanken, Falkenberg 1999
Konstmuseet, Visby 1998
Lärbro, Gotland 1995



A selection of Tarik Hardagas art

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