Ulrica Elmberg

Potter living in and with her own studio in Sävedalen.

Over the years, Ulrica has attended several courses and a one-year ceramics school. Since 2010, she has been working full time with her artistic activities. In addition to working with her own creation, Ulrica also holds some courses.

“Clay is a great joy for me and means calm, focus, form. With my own production of art and utility objects, I want to inspire others to work with clay. ”



RiverCity Gallery, Temautställning Fåglar, Gothenburg, 2021

RiverCity Gallery, Gothenburg, 2020

Partille “Slottet” Herrgård, 2020

Grindstugan Jonsered, 2018-2020

Sahlströmsgården in Torsby, 2017

Midwinter party at Uddevalla Museum arranged by Slöjd och byggnadsvård, Västarvet, 2014-2016

The gallery in Färjenäs, Gothenburg, 2013-2017


Purchased works 2018 and 2019 by Partille municipality. “Droppen” – a prize that is awarded every year to the company of the year which is a “rising” company.


A selection of Ulrica Elmbergs art

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