Autumn exhibition program!

26 August, 2022

Welcome to the autumn exhibitions!

The summer is coming to an end and we are looking forward to a wonderful autumn with new exhibitions.
Below you can see the full program.
We hope to see you in the gallery!

Warm greetings
Monica Göransson

Autumn program 2022

Sept, 17  – Oct, 2  Emilia Linderholm

Emilia Linderholm is a visual artist and designer in glass.
She draws inspiration from her past in a life of music and opera, in addition to her education in art, she studied at the Opera Studio at the Gothenburg Opera.
Often one or more female characters are included in her works.

Emilia works in oil and acrylic but also in glass. Her works are also available in small editions Digigraphies / digital graphic sheets which are all signed and numbered.

Vernissage on Saturday 17 September at 12-4pm

A warm welcome into her world of color and freedom!

Oct, 15 – 30  Eva Wirén och Gunnar Larsson

Eva Wirén, visual artist active in Gothenburg. She has been painting for as long as she can remember and works mainly in oil, acrylic or watercolor. She explores the world of dreams and works intuitively, abstractly in layers upon layers. Her images emerge from voids and become a mirror of her inner world. The images are always evolving in both color and temperament like life itself.

Gunnar Larsson, ceramist, resident of Hönö in Gothenburg’s northern archipelago. From there he gets his motifs for his ceramic sculptures. The sculptures often have colorful dramatic surfaces in the borderland between clay and glaze.

Nov, 12 – 27  Richard Vakil

Richard Vakil, visual artist and writer living in Lysekil. He mainly paints in watercolor. Between the years 2016 to 2018, he painted the diplomas for the Nobel Prize in chemistry, physics and economics. The motifs are strongly related to Bohuslän and beautiful environments by the sea. From the beginning, it was writing that he devoted himself to the most, and it is even now just as important. His lyrics are often about human relationships, love, life, closeness, questions, foundations. While the pictures stand for the more restful, but at the same time calming in nature, and all the things that we cannot touch.
The paintings also portray human loneliness and vulnerability.
The images become a kind of trace of what once was.