Will you be one of our summer exhibitors?

16 January, 2020

Booking for summer 2020 is open !!!

Since 2016, we have offered artists the opportunity to become a guest exhibitor in our fine gallery during the summer. Then, as an artist, you take care of hanging, guarding and marketing your exhibition.

For terms and application, contact Monica Göransson by phone: 070-284 20 50 or e-mail:

Jenny Söderlund in this year’s first solo exhibition

13 January, 2020

We present artist Jenny Söderlund in this year’s first solo exhibition “Summer memories”.
In the exhibition we will show both paintings and sculptures.

Jenny was born in 1972 and lives in Bankeryd just outside Jönköping. Jenny combines her own creation with teaching painting and sketching at Mullsjö Folkhögskola.

Vernissage Saturday, January 25 from 12-16

The exhibition takes place during the period 25 January – 9 February 2020.

“I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and it started in Grandma’s lap at home in the kitchen. Then the favorite motif was princesses and castles and now, just over forty years later, it is still the girl or woman who is at the center. However, without the princess crown. Animals have always been close to me and cats and dogs are recurring elements in both painting and sculpting.

After many years of devoting myself to acrylic painting, I have started sculpting more and more in recent years. It is exciting to see how my ladies from the paintings “step out” and become a three-dimensional shape.

I see my paintings and sculptures as a touch in a story that I want the viewer to continue to fantasize about. ”

Here you can read more about Jenny and see pictures of her paintings and sculptures.

Warm welcome!

Christmas Exhibition Dec 4-18

4 December, 2019

Welcome to see an exhibition full of art in different techniques.
You will be met by both new and old acquaintances!

We are presenting for the first time in the gallery:
David Tedfeldt, Tarik Hardaga and Omid Ghorab
Among our previously featured artists you will find Maria C Bernhardsson, Ingrid Leonardsson, Mahmoud Alsadi, Barbro Hallén, Niklas Fännick, Kerstin Gadd, Natalia Johansson, Johanna Lawner, Arjuna Geir Aasehaug, Lennart Berggren and others.

We want to show as many of our talented artists as possible, therefore will change the exhibition during the period. It allows you who want to buy a piece of art to take it home before the end of the exhibition.

Vernissage on Wednesday, December 4 from 16-20

We wish you all a warm welcome!

Louise Villa in a solo show “The princess in the garden and the Lily Ponds”

2 November, 2019

During the period Nov 9-24 2019 we will show the solo exhibition “The princess in the garden and the Lily Ponds” with Louise Villa and her poetic paintings.

Vernissage will be held Saturday Nov 9 between 12-16.

Louise Villa is born in 1974 and now living and working outside Lund. She has always painted and started exhibiting in 2013. Since then, there have been many exhibitions around Sweden and also abroad. Louise paints in oil and acrylic. She often works in several layers to give the paintings a depth.

Louise has a Bachelor of Design in Design, University of Design and Crafts, HDK, Gothenburg 2001. She has also artistic education from Dômen’s graphic school, Öland Folkhögskola Bild och Form, SV’s full-time painter school in Malmö. Various watercolors and ceramics courses as well as portrait painting at the Florence Academy of Fine Art in Gothenburg and the Swedish Academy of Realist Art, Simrishamn.

Warm welcome!


Steve Bettman is back with a new solo exhibition!

3 October, 2019

We are pleased to once again be able to show Steve Bettman’s such popular watercolors.

Vernissage on Saturday October, 12 from 12-16
The exhibition is ongoing until October 27th.

Steve is trained in both watercolor and oil painting and has found his unique style from the two different worlds; the watercolor with its fast and spontaneous expression and the oil’s methodical, solid feel. The motifs are usually landscapes, sea motifs and portraits. He emphasizes the simplicity of his surroundings in a confident and self-evident way.

Warm welcome!

Barbro Hallén, Tobias Liljeborg and Kerstin Gadd in the exhibition 3 x WATERCOLOR

9 September, 2019

In the exhibition 3 x WATERCOLOR, which is shown September 14-29, three watercolor artists will meet with three completely different and very personal expressions.

Barbro Hallén, Tobias Liljeborg and Kerstin Gadd

Vernissage on Saturday, September 14 from 12-16

Kerstin Gadd and Tobias Liljeborg are present during the opening ceremony. Barbro Hallén will be with us on Saturday 28 September.

Warm welcome!

Magnus K Larson in the first solo exhibition this autumn Aug, 24 – Sept, 8

5 August, 2019

In the first solo exhibition after the summer we present Magnus K Larson.

Magnus is an autodidact artist and his motifs are usually abstract. He works with a mixed media based on gouache.

“I never decide before which motif I will paint, only which colors I will use and then the motif will grow while painting, layer on layer. I get my inspiration from other art as well as from my surroundings,  from a broken facade, a rusty sheet or the clouds in the sky. “

Vernissage Saturday, August 24 at 12-16

The exhibition runs until September, 8.

Warm welcome!

We wish you a nice summer!

17 June, 2019

The holiday is approaching and we hope that you, like us, will enjoy some leave.
As in previous years, the gallery will be visited by some artists during the summer. Instead of meeting us, you will meet the exhibiting artists.

You can find the entire summer program here:

June 29 – July 4 Sara Pejlare

July 26 – Aug 1 Elena Orman

August 3 – 8 Johanna Almgren

August 10 – 15  Maria Lekstam

. . .

In our first solo exhibition after the summer we present
M K Larson
Vernissage Saturday, August 24 at 12-16

Magnus Larson, born in 1974 and raised on Klädesholmen on Tjörn, but for many years living and working in Kville on Hisingen in Gothenburg.

Magnus is an autodidact artist and his motifs are usually abstract.
He works with a mixed technique based on gouache.

“I never decide before which motif I will paint, only which colors I will use and then the motif will grow, layer by layer. I get my inspiration from other art and from my surroundings, ranging from a broken facade, a rusty sheet to the clouds in the sky. “

Sunny greetings

Monica Göransson & Marie-Louise Jensen Bäcker
070 – 284 20 50 070 – 818 68 96


21 May, 2019

We open this year’s Summer exhibition at RiverCity Gallery on Wednesday May, 22.

The exhibition is a group exhibition with a number of our artists and it runs until June, 12.

We exhibit art from Maria C Bernhardsson, Hans-Göran Broman, Barbro Hallén, Steve Bettman, Camilla Hyllén, Arjuna Geir Aasehaug, Mia Wiking, M K Larson, Charlotta Gavelin, Hans O Bergman, Marie-Louise Landén, Alf Bengtsson, Louise Villa, David Obi, Ingrid Leonardsson, Tobias Liljeborg, Anne Walker, Niklas Fännick, Heike Thiede, Masayoshi Oya … and we have art from many more!

The exhibition will change during the exhibition period, since artwork that is bought can be taken home directly if you want!

Warm welcome!

The exhibition “Color and form” with Masayoshi Oya and Anne Walker

23 April, 2019

An exciting meeting between ceramics and photo art in our next exhibition running April 27 – May 12.
The potter Masayoshi Oya and the photographer Anne Walker are exhibitions together.

Traditional art and crafts from Japan have been a great source of inspiration for Masayoshi and it is the mixture between the Swedish and the Japanese that shapes his ideas and himself as an artist. He turns in stoneware and porcelain and his works are covered by sophisticated and vibrant glazes. His ceramics are characterized by a distinctly aesthetic approach but also a subtle playfulness and ease.

Anne is inspired by Impressionism and Abstract Art, her images are elusive, metaphorical, and poetic. Her camera is her brush and nature is her palette. Anne’s photographs have received numerous international awards.

Vernissage Saturday, April 27 at 12-16

Warm welcome!


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