Tomas Lacke initiates the art year 2021

8 January, 2021

The new art year will soon start at RiverCity Gallery.
In this year’s first solo exhibition we show paintings and sculptures by TOMAS LACKE.

“As a self-taught person, I have worked experimentally to find new paths through art.I use different styles and material choices to get where I want to go.The abstract works are inspired by our nature.It is the colors and contrasts from our nature in close-up that I want to strive for on the canvas, preferably without visible brushstrokes or interventions… I want it to look as if the canvases have created themselves.

I also work with sculptures carved out of steel which, in combination with painting or, when in a public environment, together with our nature create new expressions.”  Tomas Lacke

Vernissage Saturday January, 16 at 12-16

The exhibition is shown until January 31, 2021.

Warm welcome!


Christmas Exhibition ART TO GO

27 November, 2020

This year’s Christmas exhibition ART TO GO, an exhibition where sold works are taken down and new ones hung up!

You will find art by several new artists for us, but also by many old acquaintances.
We want to offer a nice and inspiring exhibition to finish this art year.

Vernissage Saturday November, 28 at 12-16

The exhibition runs until December, 17.

Warm welcome!

Please note!
The number of guests who can stay in the gallery at the same time is a maximum of 6 people, so that we can keep a safe distance.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION due to the current situation with Covid-19

4 November, 2020

We have decided to carry out our planned exhibition with Maria C Bernhardsson and Ulrica Elmberg, but have introduced new routines to be able to do it as safely as possible for visitors, exhibitors and us who work in the gallery.

  • The number of guests who can stay in the gallery at the same time is a maximum of 6 people, so that we can keep a safe distance. We will have someone who keeps track of the number of people going in and out.
  • Hand alcohol is easily available to all visitors and to us who work in the gallery.
  • We do not offer anything to drink or eat during the opening.
  • No lists that change hands – information is posted at each artwork.
  • Open door as much as possible!
  • You who can not or do not want to come when other people are in the gallery, can book you and your party in a private viewing.

If you are healthy and do not feel any symptoms of illness, you are welcome, otherwise we ask you to wait with your visit to us.
Make sure you get to us in a safe way!

The artist friends Maria C Bernhardsson and Ulrica Elmberg in our next exhibition

2 November, 2020

Maria’s paintings open the door to a dream world that flows with color, form and imagination. Together with Ulrica’s imaginative objects in ceramics, there will be an exciting exhibition that will be shown Nov 7-22 at RiverCity Gallery.

Vernissage will be held on Saturday, November, 7 at 12-16.

Read more about the exhibition here.

Due to the prevailing situation with Covid -19, the number of people staying in the gallery will be limited. We urge anyone who knows the symptoms to respect the rules of conduct issued by the authorities and stay at home.

We welcome you all!


Glass exhibition with Mats Jonasson from Målerås

6 October, 2020

We have the pleasure of showing a glass exhibition with the glass artist Mats Jonasson from Målerås.

Preview during “Culture Night” on Friday October, 23  between 15.30 – 19.30

Vernissage Saturday October, 24 at 12 – 16

Early on, Mats Jonasson’s drawing talent was noticed and he began working as an engraving apprentice at the glassworks as early as 1959. During the following decades, he worked with several of today’s great glass artists. At the same time, he developed the style close to nature, which he has since refined to perfection.

“Our forests have affected the people’s soul since time immemorial,” says Mats Jonasson.

Inspired by this nature, he has with open minds created his distinctive objects in crystal. Today, the glassworks’ son is represented all over the world.

The exhibition is running until Nov, 1.

Warm welcome!

The exhibition with TARIK HARDAGA is now getting close!

22 September, 2020

We can now finally show the exhibition with the artist Tarik Hardaga postponed due to Covid -19.

The exhibition, which will be shown between October, 3-18 will include many contrasting paintings and varying motifs.
Vernissage in the artist’s presence will be held on Saturday, October, 3 at 12-16.

For those of you who feel unsure about visiting us due to Covid -19, we offer the opportunity to book a private visit.
Just get in touch on telephone 070 – 284 20 50.

Warm welcome!

Read more about the exhibition here.

Lennart Samor, first out among the autumn exhibitors!

13 August, 2020

Now a new art season is approaching and we are happy to present Lennart Samor as this autumn’s first exhibitor.

The exhibition ”Distances – Moving – Intimacy” will be shown September 5 – 20.
Vernissage on Saturday September 5 at 12-16

In Lennart Samor’s paintings, everyday motifs bring the story to life. A memory from a certain place, a meadow in the forest or a stretch of summer-warm, pine-scented beach.

Warm welcome!

More about the exhibition and the autumn program can be found here.


Summer exhibitions at RiverCity Gallery

23 June, 2020

We wish you a wonderful summer!

After a spring and early summer that has not been like any other, summer is now here!

We are pleased to be able to offer exhibitions by various visiting artists this summer as well. Instead of meeting us, you will meet the various exhibiting artists who hold their own exhibitions.

You can find the entire summer program here.

This autumn we will among others, show the previously canceled exhibition with Tarik Hardaga.
We will get back with the whole autumn program.

Sunny greetings
Monica Göransson & Marie-Louise Jensen Bäcker


17 April, 2020

Starting on Saturday, April 18, a mixed spring exhibition will be shown
where you can see art by a variety of artists.

Due to the prevailing situation with Covid -19, the number of people staying in the gallery at the same time will be limited . We urge anyone who knows the symptoms to respect the rules that the authorities have issued and to stay at home.

You can now shop through our website, where you will find many of our works of art.
Gift certificates are available for purchase.

If you want to support art life, you can also become a member of Älvstadens Konstförening with a chance to win an artwork in the annual art lottery. Sign up via this link.

Warm welcome!

Monica Göransson & Marie-Louise Jensen Bäcker
070 – 284 20 50               070 – 818 68 96

Opening hours until further notice:
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12-15
Wednesday, Thursday 1 pm-5pm
Other times available for booked visits!


13 March, 2020

We present Arjuna Geir Aasehaug in a solo exhibition during the period March 21 – April 5, 2020.

In this exhibition we will be met by Arjuna’s dreamy and enigmatic expression.

Arjuna works primarily with acrylic on canvas. He is interested in contrasts in both the technical and the thematic, and is happy to explore the contradictions and different characteristics that live side by side in the world.

“I seek in a poetic way to say something about loneliness, isolation and perishability in human existence. I also explore the meeting between our inner world and the outer; room and movement in the room. People or animals are often found wandering inland in an undefined landscape; People often just like a shadow or a silhouette. Time and work process are also important key words: I want there to be traces of time and work process in my paintings. Often several layers of different worlds on top of each other. “

Arjuna Geir Aasehaug has had several solo exhibitions in Scandinavia in recent years, and he has participated in jury-judged exhibitions; for example the well known Autumn Salon in Edsvik Konsthall both 2015 and 2018.

He was born in 1967 in Bergen, Norway and today lives and works in Partille outside Gothenburg.

Vernissage will be held on Saturday, March 21 at 12-16.

Warm welcome!

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