Hans-Göran Broman and Torbjörn Hahne together at RiverCity Gallery!

3 April, 2018

In the upcoming exhibition Hans-Göran Broman returns and shows his masterly painting in oil. This time together with Torbjörn Hahne, who shows reliefs and images in stoneware and glass. Two highly skilled and experienced artists we are proud to show in a joint exhibition.

Hans-Göran Broman’s painting moves in a boarder zone between the abstract and the figurative. The figures are indicated and it triggers the mind on the viewer. Interesting color and form combinations in a superb technical performance. His interest in painting was first raised at the drawing lessons at school, and he has been painting ever since. Nowadays in a studio at Rydal Museum.

Torbjörn Hahne studied ceramics at Konstfack in Stockholm, and has then been educated in both glass and enamel. Inspiration fetches Torbjörn from nature, trips and hikes. The impressions are collected and then expressed in amazing experimental colors and shapes that grow through, for example, raku burning. It will be a kind of painting with the help of the fire and the oxides. His creation takes place in many stages with sketches, paintings, photographs and screens, both in own studio at Hindås and at KKV in Gothenburg.

Vernissage Saturday April, 14 at 12-16.

The exhibition runs until April, 29.

Warm welcome!

Photographer Lena Öritsland exhibits pictures from the Gothenburg Harbour

1 March, 2018

Photos from the Gothenburg Harbor. For half a year, Lena Öritsland documented cranes, docks, ladders, raindrops, early morning to late night, in all weather. The result was the amazing pictures we now show in the exhibition “Cranes, Rust and Sky” at the RiverCity Gallery. the exhibition runs between March 3-18 2018.

Vernissage Saturday March 3 at 12-16


Read more about the exhibition and Lena here.

Exhibitions this season

18 January, 2018

We welcome you to a new season at RiverCity Gallery! This year’s first exhibitor is Wendela Liander, who shows paintings in the exhibition “Another Way”. An exhibition filled with colors, longing, people and life. Wendela paints in acrylic and painting has always been necessary for her. She paints both in her own studio outside Kungsbacka and at Lindholmen art school for Peter Hefner. Wendela has participated in both separate and group exhibitions since 2001.

Vernissage Saturday, January 27 at 12-16

The exhibition runs until February 11th.

The whole exhibition program for spring can be found here.

It will be an exciting season of painting, sculpture and photography. There will be both regular and new exhibitors for the gallery.

Warm welcome!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

22 December, 2017

Now the gallery has closed for this year.
It has been an exciting season and we look forward to an equally exciting spring season, with, for the gallery, both new and old artists.

Our first solo exhibition 2018 has vernissage on January 27th.
We will present Wendela Liander and her paintings.

The entire program can be found here:

We wish you all a really Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The gallery will open again on January 10th.
Until then, we will be reached on the telephone number below.

Monica Göransson & Marie-Louise Jensen Bäcker

070 – 284 20 50                          070 – 818 68 96


28 November, 2017

Welcome to enjoy an exhibition filled with paintings, photos, glass art and some other nice things!!!

In this year’s Christmas exhibition we want to show as many of our talented artists as possible. It will therefore be a moving exhibition where we rebuilding it during the show period. It makes it possible to directly bring purchased artwork.

Participating artists:

Nick Olsen, Stina Gunnarsson, Ingrid Leonardsson, Anne Walker, Barbro Hallen, Hans-Göran Broman, Lennart Berggren, Tony Roos, Steve Bettman, Alf Bengtsson, Camilla Hyllen, David Obi, Mia Wiking, Anna Bergström, Katarina Puente Nyman, Emma Winèus, Louise Villa, Joachim Karkea, Annika Clarholm, Hans O Bergman, Torbjörn Hahne, Marie-Louise Lindell, Maria C Bernhardsson, Bitte Liljevall Sjöström, Olle Brandqvist, Jim De Block and others.

Opening weekend Dec, 2-3 opened at 12-16

The exhibition runs between Dec, 2-17.

An exhibition that flows in color, shape and imagination!

2 November, 2017

In our next exhibition, November 11-26, we present Maria C Bernhardsson.

Marias paintings flow in color, shape and imagination. It was the dream of a house that got her to start painting her own fantasy house and then it has continued.

Characteristic for Marias painting for many years was naivistic house motifs and strong colors. In recent years, however, the houses have become more diffuse and a little dreamy and painted in many layers but still with strong colors. There is a lot of feeling that rules and Maria rarely knows what it will be from the beginning.

“The color is the most important to me. Gladly with as many colors as possible in combination at the same time. Contrasts, strong colors-bright pastels, dark-luminous, angular, skewed, dreamy, naive, layer on layer. Something is hidden there under all the colors – something pop out. “

Vernissage Saturday November, 11 at 12-16


Olle Brandqvist exhibits at the RiverCity Gallery in Gothenburg Oct 14-29

2 October, 2017

RiverCity Gallery presents Olle Brandqvist in the upcoming exhibition, showing paintings and sculptures. We will see especially his watercolors, but also get to know his sculptures. Probably it is his stone heads that are most famous. But even the ttinsculptures, undecided people and the wild nature stuck in the visitor’s eye and memory.

Olle is educated at Konstindustriskolan in Gothenburg and Konstfack in Stockholm.

Over the years, he has received Statens Arbetsstidendium (Scholarship) on two occasions. He is represented at Borås Art Museum, in Stockholm, Södertälje, Marks, with several municipalities and at the Statens Konstråd. Larger outdoor work is in Borås and in the sculpture parks at the Astely Gallery in Uttersberg and in the Hishult Art Hall.

The list of exhibitions is very long and includes art museums and art halls as well as galleries in Sweden and abroad. The latest exhibitions have been at Borås Art Museum, Glasets Hus in Limmared and recently Hishults Konsthall. Now it’s Gothenburg that meets Olle Brandqvist.

The exhibition at the RiverCity Gallery will be displayed during the period from 14 to 29 October. Vernissage will be held on Saturday 14 October at. 12-16.

We wish you welcome!

Monica Göransson & Marie-Lousie Jensen Bäcker

We present Jim De Block in the photo exhibition “Neither here nor there”

14 September, 2017
Jim De Block is a Belgian photographer based in Göteborg, Sweden. He studied Fine arts photography at the Royal Academy in Antwerp. Jim is also a professional dancer and choreographer currently employed at the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani. His training and practice as a dance artist is clearly visible in his photographic work, where the body in relation to space is always a central theme.
In his photographic series “Neither here nor there” he proposes a poetic renegotiation of the relationship we humans have with our surroundings. How do we relate to our environment and how can we imagine ourselves moving through and occupying our habitat differently? With his work he draws a parallel universe, envisioning an alternate reality where the impossible seems possible and the mundane seems remarkable.
The “Neither here nor there” series have been exhibited at the Copenhagen Architecture Festival this year and will now be shown in Sweden for the first time.

Vernissage will be held on Saturday September 23, 12-16 at  RiverCity Gallery.

Exhibition runs until October, 8.


Horses also at RiverCity Gallery during the European Championships Gothenburg!

12 August, 2017

We will open the gallery again on August 19th when we start the season with a theme exhibition about Horses.

In this art exhibition, four artists, who express their relationship to horses  in various ways through art, participate. They are four artists with completely different impressions, backgrounds and experiences, which we hope will contribute to an exciting exhibition for both those who like horses and for those who are interested in different artistic expressions.

The exhibition artists are David Obi, Birgitta Ryberg, Johanna Lawner and Caroline Hopkins. The exhibition shows paintings in various techniques and sculptures of horses.

The exhibition will be displayed in conjunction with the European Championships in Gothenburg and will take place during the period 19 August – 3 September 2017.

Vernissage Saturday 19 August at 12-16

Warm welcome!

We wish you all a lovely summer!

26 June, 2017

The gallery now closes its usual business for the season and we would like to thank all the artists, visitors, customers and everyone else for a wonderful spring season.

In the gallery, a number of artists are now taking over to show their own exhibitions during the summer. So fun being able to offer exhibitions even in the summer when we are on vacation.
The whole summer program can be found here.

The first exhibition after the summer will have the theme “Horses”.
The artists David Obi, Birgitta Ryberg, Johanna Lawner and Caroline Hopkins participates and shows paintings and sculptures of horses.
Vernissage on August, 19 at 12-16!

Wishing you a great summer!

Monica Göransson & Marie-Louise Jensen Bäcker
070 – 284 20 50                          070-818 68 96

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