Photographer Claes Hillén exhibits landscape images in abstraction and perfection

12 February, 2019

Soon the photo exhibition “Landskapande” will come to RiverCity Gallery.

Photographer Claes Hillén exhibits landscape images in abstraction and perfection. They will move you from the impressing landscapes, where the Andalusian almond trees show up in their full splendor, to intimate landscapes in the Nordic nature.

Claes Hillén is an autodidact, a photographer who for many years walked around with his camera in the forest, mountains and coastal landscape. He has had 15 own exhibitions over the years and has also been part of a number of exhibitions with other photographers and artists.

Preview Friday February 22 at 17-20
Vernissage Saturday February 23 at 12-16

The exhibition runns until March 10th.
Warm welcome! 

First solo exhibition this year!

9 January, 2019

We are happy to introduce Natalia Johansson in this year’s first exhibition.
She is educated at Mukhina Art Institute. Since the 90’s she has been living and working as an artist in Stockholm. She has exhibited in art galleries, museums and galleries all over Sweden and abroad.
Natalia paints mainly in oil and acrylic.

“I am inspired by everything possible that I see in front of me, sometimes it can be small cities that I visit, sometimes groups with people. It is very different impressions that give imput to the motives in my paintings. I try to stylize and create my own way of painting. I am very interested in different combinations of colors – how they work together and what effect one can get on a canvas “

Vernissage Saturday January, 26 at 12-16
The exhibition runs until Feb, 10.
Warm welcome!

Here you can read more about Natalia Johansson.

Christmas exhibition

19 November, 2018

This year’s Christmas exhibition will offer art in different forms.

Among the participating artists are:
Arjuna Geir Aasehaug (painting), Lennart Berggren (painting), Steve Bettman (painting), Liv Borglund (sculpture), Dagmar Forget (glass and painting), Anders Hammarström (photo), M.K. Larsson (painting), Ingrid Leonardsson (glass), Susanne Norberg (painting), Mia Wiking (painting).

Vernissage Saturday November, 24 at 12-16

The exhibition runs until December, 20.

Warm welcome!

Monica Göransson & Marie-Louise Jensen Bäcker
070 – 284 20 50                 070 – 818 68 96

P.S. During the Christmas exhibition you will be able to bring your purchased artwork directly if you wish.


Linda Ljungblad in a solo show at RiverCity Gallery

26 October, 2018

In this exhibition paintings by Linda Ljungblad is shown. Watercolor artist, born in 1988. She grew up in Falkenberg, now living and working in Gothenburg.

“Has painted and created as long as I can remember, and the watercolor has become a faithful companion over the years. Loves light and contrasts, which often can be seen in my paintings. Always take a picture of the places I visit and  then try to recreate the environment and the personal feeling in my watercolors. Recurring city and ocean motif has also become a distinctive feature of my art. “

Vernissage Saturday 10 November at 12-16

The exhibition runs until Nov,18.

Warm welcome!


Here you can read more about Linda Ljungblad.

Christel Jönsson is back!

1 October, 2018

Christel Jönsson is back in Gothenburg with a new exhibition where she shows paintings in tempera, a kind of modern icons that serve as reminders for us of what matters, for real.

This is her third solo exhibition in Gothenburg and we will see her exciting and expressive paintings. Christel Jönsson was born in 1959 in Ängelholm. She received her artistic education at the arts academy in Italian Florence, with great emphasis on artistic craftsmanship. After ten years in Italy, she moved home to Sweden, to Viken in Skåne, where she now is active. She both paints and works film and performance. In her painting she uses techniques from the old bottega tradition based on the tempera, where she, with humble disrespect, experiments on something new.

Vernissage Saturday October, 6 at 12-16

The exhibition is running until October, 21.

Here you can read more about Christel Jönsson’s painting.

Warm welcome!


14 September, 2018

Now the autumn collective exhibition is approaching.  It will be displayed during the period  September, 22 – 30. There will be a nice mix of painting in different techniques and also a little photo, sculpture and glass to be seen.

We warmly welcome you all!

Joachim Karkea exhibits at RiverCity Gallery!

23 August, 2018

In the fall’s first exhibition at RiverCity Gallery, watercolors of artist Joachim Karkea are shown. Joachim grew up in Junosuando in Tornedalen and started painting already at the age of 12. He mostly paints landscape motifs and city motifs with strong skies and lights. Joachim has been called the “master of light”.
In 2007-2010 he went to Sunderby Art School. For many, Joachim Karkea became known through his participation in the SVT Artistic Dream in 2016.

More about Joachim Karkea can be found here:

The exhibition at the RiverCity Gallery will be displayed during the period 1 – 16 September 2018.

Vernissage Saturday 1 sept. 12-16

Warm welcome!

Welcome to a new season!

15 August, 2018

After a fantastic summer, we are presenting a new season.
We will show both separate exhibitions and group exhibitions.

The whole program will be found below.

In our first solo exhibition we present …

Joachim Karkea
Vernissage Saturday September, 1 at 12-16

We wish you a warm welcome and look forward to a lovely autumn season!

Monica Göransson & Marie-Louise Jensen Bäcker


Autumn program 2018

Sept, 1 – 16  Joachim Karkea

Sept, 22 – 30  Group exhibition

Oct, 6 – 21  Christel Jönsson

Nov, 10 – 18  Linda Ljungblad

Nov, 24 – Dec, 20  Christmas exhibition


RiverCity Gallery is open all summer!

18 June, 2018

Throughout the summer, the gallery will be open and we are visited by different artists that run their own exhibitions for 7 weeks. First you will meet Vidura Dushmantha on June, 30. After that Erna Velic and Sanela Sudic, Malin Wävendahl Blom, Ann-Pia Azizuddin and Helena Gavois, Eva Fredriksson, Lena Maijanen and the last guest exhibitor is Maria Lekenstam.

We are pleased to be able to offer different exhibitions throughout the whole summer.
All information about vernissage and opening hours can be found here.

We hope it will be a wonderful summer not only at the RiverCity Gallery.

Warm welcome!


28 May, 2018

Painting, glass, enamel, sculpture and photo

Last exhibition for the season!

We show small and large in a number of techniques by our wonderful artists.

Steve Bettman, Ingrid Leonardsson, Mia Frankedal, Hans O Bergman, Katarina Puente Nyman, Zehra Ay, Maria C Bernhardsson, Stina Gunnarsson, Heike Thiede, Hans Göran Broman, Mia Wiking, Torbjörn Hahne, Natalia Johansson, Anna Bergström, Barbro Hallén, Lena Öritsland, Britta Grönstrand …

Vernissage Thursday May, 31 at 15 – 19

Pop in for an afterwork and if you find some artwork you like, we will be happy!
If you want to bring it right away, it’s fine.

The exhibition runs until Thursday June,14.

Warm welcome!

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