Emilia Linderholm is coming to Göteborg!

9 September, 2022

In this autumn’s first exhibition at RiverCity Gallery we are pleased to present …

Sept, 17 – Oct, 2 2022

Vernissage Saturday September, 17 at 12-16

Emilia will be present throughout the opening.
At 13 she will talk about her art and we will also hear her sing for us.

A warm welcome into her world of Color and freedom!


“The power when a small snowdrop bursts out of the ground on an early spring day.
The sound of the cranes flying towards warmer latitudes on a sparkling sunny day in September.
Late nights with best friends.
The laughter of the children in the hut they built in the garden.

A small child’s hand in yours.
The wind that makes your loose hair fly freely on an early morning by the sea.
The smell of freshly harvested apples on a crisp autumn day.

We must capture all that in our hearts.
All that I want my art to evoke.
Desire for life, and desire to feel.”     Emilia Linderholm


Emilia Linderholm is a visual artist and designer in glass, living in a small village in Småland.
She draws inspiration from her past in a life of music and opera, in addition to her education in art, she studied at the Opera Studio at the Gothenburg Opera.
Often one or more female characters are included in her works.

In 2020, Emilia received the Småland Academy’s Culture Prize and in 2021 her book “Colour and Freedom” was published, which will also be available for sale at the gallery.

Emilia works in oil and acrylic but also in glass. Her works are also available in small editions Digigraphies / digital graphic sheets which are all signed and numbered.


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