11 February, 2020

We are hosting a theme exhibition about our beautiful Gothenburg.
The invited artists make their own interpretations of the city and express themselves with the help of different techniques. Painting, glass, enamel and photo.

Artwork by Steve Bettman, Mia Frankedal, Marika Lang, Malin Wävendahl, Anders Hammarström, Tobias Liljeborg, David Obi and Stina Gunnarsson can be seen in the exhibition.

We have asked some of the artists to say a few words about their relationship with Gothenburg and how they look at the city in art, favorite motifs and more. Click on the respective artist above.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, February 22, when there is a vernissage between 12-16.

Several of the artists will be in the gallery during the opening.

The exhibition is shown until  March 8.

Warm welcome!

Producerad av JSA IT