Horses also at RiverCity Gallery during the European Championships Gothenburg!

12 August, 2017

We will open the gallery again on August 19th when we start the season with a theme exhibition about Horses.

In this art exhibition, four artists, who express their relationship to horses  in various ways through art, participate. They are four artists with completely different impressions, backgrounds and experiences, which we hope will contribute to an exciting exhibition for both those who like horses and for those who are interested in different artistic expressions.

The exhibition artists are David Obi, Birgitta Ryberg, Johanna Lawner and Caroline Hopkins. The exhibition shows paintings in various techniques and sculptures of horses.

The exhibition will be displayed in conjunction with the European Championships in Gothenburg and will take place during the period 19 August – 3 September 2017.

Vernissage Saturday 19 August at 12-16

Warm welcome!

Producerad av JSA IT