IMPORTANT INFORMATION due to the current situation with Covid-19

4 November, 2020

We have decided to carry out our planned exhibition with Maria C Bernhardsson and Ulrica Elmberg, but have introduced new routines to be able to do it as safely as possible for visitors, exhibitors and us who work in the gallery.

  • The number of guests who can stay in the gallery at the same time is a maximum of 6 people, so that we can keep a safe distance. We will have someone who keeps track of the number of people going in and out.
  • Hand alcohol is easily available to all visitors and to us who work in the gallery.
  • We do not offer anything to drink or eat during the opening.
  • No lists that change hands – information is posted at each artwork.
  • Open door as much as possible!
  • You who can not or do not want to come when other people are in the gallery, can book you and your party in a private viewing.

If you are healthy and do not feel any symptoms of illness, you are welcome, otherwise we ask you to wait with your visit to us.
Make sure you get to us in a safe way!

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