“Fragile things” at the gallery!

4 May, 2018

In the upcoming exhibition we meet two Gothenburg artists. Niklas Fännick who makes sculptures of recycled metal and Charlotta Gavelin, photographer, who shows images made with a very old photographic method, cyanotopi. Different art forms but two artists with similarities in their thoughts and expressions united in the common theme “Fragile things”.

“What’s fragile?
Nature? Life? The time? And what is our relation to the fragile?
In human relation to nature and our environment there are many aspects of fragility, from the life of a grass stream to the great in the environment or a changing landscape. In this exhibition there are different collections over time. It has been compiled into converted objects or arranged for a photographic impression in a way to stop, check, remember and remind.”

Vernissage Saturday May, 12 2018 at 12-16

The exhibition is running until May, 27.

Warm welcome!

Producerad av JSA IT