21 May, 2019

We open this year’s Summer exhibition at RiverCity Gallery on Wednesday May, 22.

The exhibition is a group exhibition with a number of our artists and it runs until June, 12.

We exhibit art from Maria C Bernhardsson, Hans-Göran Broman, Barbro Hallén, Steve Bettman, Camilla Hyllén, Arjuna Geir Aasehaug, Mia Wiking, M K Larson, Charlotta Gavelin, Hans O Bergman, Marie-Louise Landén, Alf Bengtsson, Louise Villa, David Obi, Ingrid Leonardsson, Tobias Liljeborg, Anne Walker, Niklas Fännick, Heike Thiede, Masayoshi Oya … and we have art from many more!

The exhibition will change during the exhibition period, since artwork that is bought can be taken home directly if you want!

Warm welcome!

Producerad av JSA IT