Susanna Arwin, the creator of the art project “The Swedish Auntie”, will exhibit at RiverCity Gallery

7 March, 2019

For the painter and sculptor Susanna Arwin, known as the creator of the art project “The Swedish Auntie”, the expression has always shifted between different techniques and imagery, according to what is to be said by her. In this exhibition with the name “Different sides of the same thing” she wants to show just that. Paintings, mixed media, graphics and sculptures in eg. bronze of both the auntie and handbags will be found in the exhibition.

She has had many exhibitions over the years both at galleries, art halls and museums. She is represented by the State Art Council, several municipalities, county councils and companies. In recent years, she has mainly worked with public and private assignments, among others for Alingsås municipality where the bronze sculpture “With the handbag as a weapon” is found and for the New Academy Awards (alternative Nobel Prize in literature) where she made a statue in bronze as a prize

Vernissage Saturday, March 16 at. 12-16

On the opening day at 13.00, Susanna Arwin tells us about her life with “The Swedish Auntie”.

The exhibition runs until March, 31.

Warm welcome!


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