The exhibition “Color and form” with Masayoshi Oya and Anne Walker

23 April, 2019

An exciting meeting between ceramics and photo art in our next exhibition running April 27 – May 12.
The potter Masayoshi Oya and the photographer Anne Walker are exhibitions together.

Traditional art and crafts from Japan have been a great source of inspiration for Masayoshi and it is the mixture between the Swedish and the Japanese that shapes his ideas and himself as an artist. He turns in stoneware and porcelain and his works are covered by sophisticated and vibrant glazes. His ceramics are characterized by a distinctly aesthetic approach but also a subtle playfulness and ease.

Anne is inspired by Impressionism and Abstract Art, her images are elusive, metaphorical, and poetic. Her camera is her brush and nature is her palette. Anne’s photographs have received numerous international awards.

Vernissage Saturday, April 27 at 12-16

Warm welcome!


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