About the Gallery

RiverCity Gallery wants to spread the art to a wide audience. Our focus is on contemporary visual arts (painting, graphics, photography) but also sculpture and glass art. The artists we work with have an artistic experience both with solo and group exhibitions.

The gallery believes in using art to create exciting meetings and conversations. There may be meetings between mere artwork and viewer, art in the workplace , conversations between colleagues or with customers. Art evokes feelings and reactions and is a creative force. Art is an asset that has positive impact on well-being, among others.

RiverCity Gallery would also like to contribute to the range of arts and culture in the emerging RiverCity in Gothenburg. We think that art also can help the city become more coherent. The river is the base and over it bridges are being built, physically, culturally and socially. ” One river – two sides – one city ”

To spread the art, we arrange both solo and group exhibitions, where all art is for sale. We organize various art events. We also work closely with the Art Association, Älvstadens Konstförening. If you want more information on how we can help you as an artist or you interested in art , you can read the page Offer . You are always welcome to contact us.

Monica Göransson
Owner RiverCity Gallery

Producerad av JSA IT