Dec, 10 – 21  Christmas exhibition

Participating artists: Susann Karlsson (painting and drawing), Jenny Söderlund (painting and ceramics), Sara Victoria Sandberg (foto), Steve Bettman (watercolor), Åsa Södergren (collage), Malin Mossberg (watercolor), Dalibor Eminefendic (watercolor), Per Nylén (painting), Lennart Samor (painting), Ingrid Leonardsson (glass)

Vernissage Saturday, Dec 10, 12-16

The exhibition is shown until on December, 21.

Warm welcome!



Earlier exhibitions


Nov, 12 – 27  Richard Vakil (watercolor)

Richard Vakil, visual artist and writer living in Lysekil.
He mainly paints in watercolor. Between the years 2016 to 2018, he painted the diplomas for the Nobel Prize in chemistry, physics and economics. The motifs are strongly related to Bohuslän and beautiful environments by the sea. From the beginning, it was writing that he devoted himself to the most, and it is even now just as important. His lyrics are often about human relationships, love, life, closeness, questions, foundations. While the pictures must stand for the more restful, but at the same time calming in nature, and all the things that we cannot rely on.
The paintings also portray human loneliness and vulnerability.
The images become a kind of trace of what once was.

Vernissage Saturday, Nov 12, 12-16

The exhibition is shown until on November, 27.

Warm welcome!


Oct, 15 – 30  Eva Wirén och Gunnar Larsson  (painting and ceramic)

Eva Wirén, visual artist active in Gothenburg. She has been painting for as long as she can remember and works mainly in oil, acrylic or watercolor. She explores the world of dreams and works intuitively, abstractly in layers upon layers. Her images emerge from voids and become a mirror of her inner world. The images are always evolving in both color and temperament like life itself.

Gunnar Larsson, ceramist, resident of Hönö in Gothenburg’s northern archipelago. From there he gets his motifs for his ceramic sculptures. The sculptures often have colorful dramatic surfaces in the borderland between clay and glaze.

Vernissage Saturday, Oct. 15, 12-16

The exhibition is shown until on October, 30.

Warm welcome!


Sept, 17 – Oct, 2  Emilia Linderholm  (painting and glass)

“The power when a small snowdrop bursts out of the ground on an early spring day.
The sound of the cranes flying towards warmer latitudes on a sparkling sunny day in September.
Late nights with best friends.
The laughter of the children in the hut they built in the garden.

A small child’s hand in yours.
The wind that makes your loose hair fly freely on an early morning by the sea.
The smell of freshly harvested apples on a crisp autumn day.

We must capture all that in our hearts.
All that I want my art to evoke.
Desire for life, and desire to feel.”   Emilia Linderholm

Vernissage Saturday September, 17 at 12-16

Emilia will be present throughout the opening.
At 13 she will talk about her art and we will also hear her sing for us.

A warm welcome into her world of Color and freedom!

Emilia Linderholm is a visual artist and designer in glass, living in a small village in Småland.
She draws inspiration from her past in a life of music and opera, in addition to her education in art, she studied at the Opera Studio at the Gothenburg Opera.
Often one or more female characters are included in her works.

In 2020, Emilia received the Småland Academy’s Culture Prize and in 2021 her book “Colour and Freedom” was published, which will also be available for sale at the gallery.

Emilia works in oil and acrylic but also in glass. Her works are also available in small editions Digigraphies / digital graphic sheets which are all signed and numbered.


Summer exhibitions with guest exhibitors

During the summer, the gallery is visited by different artists during shorter exhibitions.
The artists themselves are present throughout the exhibitions.

July, 1-7          Pia Carlsson

July, 9-14       Susann Karlsson

July, 16-21     Mia Älegård och Kristin O Steen

July, 22-28    Kalina Dzhambova

July, 30 – Aug, 4    Rebecca Landmér

Aug, 6-11         Cecilia Gatehouse

Aug, 13-18      Katja Laakso och Ewa-Britt Andersson

Aug, 20-25      Lejla Cavdar Arslanagic

May 20 – June 12   SUMMER ART TO GO

We end the season with a group exhibition.
A living exhibition of art by the many artists we collaborate with.
ART TO GO – anyone who wishes can bring purchased artwork directly
and we hang up something new!

We invite you to the opening on Friday May, 20 at 16-19.

On Saturday May,21 we continue to mingle between 12-15 and have the possiblity also to see “Göteborgsvarvet, which passes right outside the gallery.

The exhibition runs until on June 12.

Warm welcome!


April 23 – May 12 Spring exhibition

A group exhibition with Karen Rønne (watercolor), Torbjörn Hahne (ceramic and glass paintings), Zehra Ay (embroidery), Eva Wirén (painting), Agneta Starfelt (painting), Johanna Almgren (watercolor), Helen Tapper (glass).

Vernissage Saturday April, 23 at 12-16

The exhibition is shown until May, 12.

Warm welcome!



March 19 – April 3 Steve Bettman – “Mindshapes”

We are happy to once again invite you to a solo exhibition with Steve Bettman.
Steve has previously had two solo exhibitions with us at RiverCity Gallery and participated in several of our group exhibitions.

Steve is known for his unique watercolor paintings and his characteristic style that he has developed from the two different worlds of watercolor and oil painting.
The watercolor with its fast and spontaneous expression and the methodical, solid feeling of the oil.
The motifs are often cityscapes, landscapes, sea motifs but also portraits.
He highlights the simplicity of his surroundings in a confident and obvious way.

Steve was born in 1968 in Boston USA, but has lived in Gothenburg with his family since 2006.

Vernissage Saturday March, 19 at 12-16

The exhibition is shown until April, 3.

Warm welcome!


Feb 26 – March 13  Helena Andersson and José-Antonio Sarmiento  – “Among the Clouds”  (ceramic and painting)

“Ceramics and painting are always present in our works and the works have a strong connection to each other”

Helena Andersson was born in 1969 in Linköping and has studied ceramics at HDK at the University of Gothenburg. She received her master’s degree in ceramic art in 1998. Her works are partly the purely sculptural works and partly the artistic utensils. Helena is represented at the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm, the Swedish Arts Council, the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg and in many regions and municipalities in Sweden. In 2021, the Stockholm Region acquired several wall sculptures of her for the new emergency room at Södersjukhuset in Stockholm.

José-Antonio Sarmiento was born in 1956 in León, Spain. During his childhood, he had the opportunity to try out different art techniques in his mother’s artist studio. In 1980 he established his first ceramics workshop and since then he has worked with ceramics and painting. He has performed several public works, including for the municipalities of León, Salamanca and Zaragoza in Spain. In 2021, José-Antonio performed an artistic design assignment on behalf of the municipality of Gothenburg through Higab. The design consists of painting on wood and sculpture in metal for a stairwell in Sockerbruket.

Vernissage Saturday, February 26 at 12-16

The exhibition is shown until March, 13

Warm welcome!


Jan 29 – Feb 13  Anna Törnquist – “On the other side”

We have the pleasure of showing paintings by Anna Törnquist in this year’s first solo exhibition.
Anna presents her exhibition as follows:

On the other side

Born and raised by the sea, I have a hard time imagining living in a place without the proximity to water. I’m not alone in that. Water is life, happiness and beauty.

On the other hand, water can also be overwhelming and frightening, a threat to our cities, our culture and our lives.

The exhibition On the Other Side is created from this duality – the beautiful and the cruel, life and death.

Vernissage Saturday, January 29 at 12-16

The exhibition is shown until Feb 13

Warm welcome!



Dec 4 – 19  Christmas exhibition

The season ends with a group show.

Some of the participating artists: Azita Sassanian (painting), Wendela Liander (painting), Pérez Casanova (painting), Helena Björnberg (sculpture), Hans O Bergman (painting), Louise Villa (painting), Helena Jungermann (painting), Cecilia Gatehouse (steel wire/mixed media), Ingrid Leonardsson (glass)

Vernissage Saturday December 4 at 12-16

The exhibition is shown until Dec, 19.

Warm welcome!


Nov 13 – 28 Abstract and in the borderland

In the exhibition entitled “Abstract and in the borderland” we meet three artists and their magical abstract works.
Jan Axelsson, Tomas Lacke and Lloyd Tabing

Jan Axelsson who lets the abstract and minimalist together with canvas and wood create their own expression. Tomas Lacke who strives to recreate nature in close-up through colors and contrasts on the canvas, preferably without visible brushstrokes or interventions. Lloyd Tabing whose works are distinct and powerful but still give a sense of elegance and simplicity that speaks to the viewer.

Vernissage Saturday November 13 at 12-16

The exhibition is shown until Nov 28.

Warm welcome!


Oct 23- Nov 7   Watercolor x 3

Three artists painting in watercolor.
Malin Mossberg, Susanne Norberg och Tobias Liljeborg

Vernissage Saturday October 23 at 12-16

The exhibition is shown until Nov 7.

Warm welcome!


Sept 25 – Oct 10   Photo x 3

Three photographers participate with different photographic techniques.
Anders Hammarström, Charlotta Gavelin och Beata Rydén

The photographers participate during the weekend. On Saturday, Anders Hammarström and Beata Rydén are with us and on Sunday, Charlotta Gavelin is in the gallery.

Opening weekend 25-26 Sept 12-16

The exhibition is shown until on October 10th.

Warm welcome!


Sept  4 – 19 Theme exhibition “Birds”

The common theme is birds and the participating artists are:

Niclas and Jessica Fännick (sculpture), Åsa Södergren (collage and painting), Anna Törnquist (painting), Ulrica Elmberg (ceramics), Anita Forsman (painting), Hampus Lejon (painting), Filippa Levemark (painting) Marc Dagorn (ceramics)

Vernissage Saturday September 4 at 12-16

The exhibition is shown until Sept 19.

Warm welcome!


Summer exhibitions with guest exhibitors

During the summer, the gallery is visited by different artists during shorter exhibitions.
The artists themselves are present throughout the exhibitions.

July 3 – 8  Gunli Agnarsson, Annika Holmsten and Gun Eld Sandström

July 10 – 15  Ylva Jonsson and Maya Lawson-Laane

July 17 – 22  The exhibition “The Art of Truth Compassion Tolerance”

July 23 – 29  Kalina Dzhambova

July 31 – Aug 12  Dalibor Eminefendic

Aug 14 – 19  Viola Ivarsson and Gerhard H Böttcher

Aug 21 – 26  Lars Eriksson


May, 29 – June, 20 Group exhibition

Seven women take place!

We present the artists: Hanna Herder (painting), Åsa Södergren (collage), Lizbeth Lagerström (mixed media with stones), Beata Rydén (photography), Christina Rosén (ceramics), Astrid Gillenius (sculpture), Malin Mossberg (painting)

Vernissage Saturday 29 May at 12-16

The exhibition is shown until June 20.

Warm welcome!


May, 1-16 Mensur Beslagic “The Legends” (painting)

In the exhibition “The Legends” we get to meet many famous people from the art, music, literature and science world. The artist Mensur Beslagic exhibits portraits where he painted with oil on canvas and used the exciting technique pointilism, focusing on fauvism. Mensur is interested in shapes, as well as colors and composition, which can be seen in the paintings.

Mensur lives and works in Gothenburg, but has its roots in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has a long academic art education, including from the Academy of Fine Art in Sarajevo and he has participated in both solo and group exhibitions in several countries.

Vernissage Saturday May, 1 at 12-16

The exhibition is shown until May, 16.

Warm welcome!


April 10 – 25 Joachim Karkea (watercolor)

Joachim Karkea is back with a new solo exhibition. Last time he exhibited with us was in 2018 and he has since been in great demand. Joachim paints in watercolor and he started painting early, already at the age of twelve. Today he paints full time. He finds much inspiration in the nature around where he lives in Junosuando. Joachim has been called “The Master of Light” and has been compared to Lars Lerin.

Vernissage Saturday, April 10 at 12-16

The exhibition runs until April 25.

Warm welcome!


March 13 – 28 Azita Sassanian  “Fallen wings and other whispers” (painting, ceramic, graphics)

Azita Sassanian has studied art and architechture at the University of Oregon, and graphic design at Bergs School of communication in Stockholm. Azita´s style is the result of her experiments with different art forms; a search for finding a common language. Her art is personal but at the same time takes up existential questions. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter there is a  sublime undertone of humor in her art which creates unexpected irony.

Vernissage Saturday March, 13 at 12-16

The exhibition runs until March 28, 2021.

Warm welcome!


Feb 13 – March 5 GOTHENBURG 2021

We celebrate Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary with a group exhibition.
14 artists have created on the theme Gothenburg.

We look forward to offering an exciting exhibition of art in different techniques by the artists:
Anna Törnqvist, Anders Hammarström, Birgitta Jannesson, Dalibor Eminefendic, Heike Thiede, Kerstin Gadd, Lars Hansson, Lena Selander, Lena Öritsland, Mensur Beslagic, Mia Frankedal, Steve Bettman, Tobias Liljeborg, Vivianne E Rosqvist.

Vernissage Saturday February, 13 at 12-16

The exhibition runs until on March 5, 2021.

Warm welcome!


Jan 16 – 31 Tomas Lacke (painting and sculpture)

In this year’s first exhibition, we present Tomas Lacke. We have previously shown his sculptures and now we have the pleasure of showing an entire exhibition with both his paintings and sculptures.

“As a self-taught person, I have worked experimentally to find new paths through art.I use different styles and material choices to get where I want to go.The abstract works are inspired by our nature.It is the colors and contrasts from our nature in close-up that I want to strive for on the canvas, preferably without visible brushstrokes or interventions… I want it to look as if the canvases have created themselves.

I also work with sculptures carved out of steel which, in combination with painting or, when in a public environment, together with our nature create new expressions.”  Tomas Lacke

Vernissage Saturday January, 16 at 12-16

The exhibition is shown until January 31, 2021.

Warm welcome!



Dec, 18 – Jan, 13 Group exhibition

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, a group exhibition hangs in the gallery where we show a variety of artists that we collaborate with. The exhibition can be visited by booking a visit on telephone 070 – 284 20 50.

Warm welcome!


Nov 28 – Dec 17  Group show
(different techniques)

This year’s Christmas exhibition ART TO GO, an exhibition where sold works are taken down and new ones hung up!

You will find art by several new artists for us, but also by many old acquaintances.We want to offer a nice and inspiring exhibition to finish this art year.

Vernissage Saturday November, 28 at 12-16

The exhibition runs until December, 17.

Warm welcome!


Nov 7 – 22  Maria C Bernhardsson och Ulrica Elmberg
(painting and ceramics)

Two artist friends exhibit together.

Vernissage Saturday Nov, 7 at 12-16

Maria C Bernhardsson is one of the artists we have worked with for a long time and whose art we have had the pleasure to follow. There is a common thread through her art, even though over the years she has switched between different techniques. She has always been fascinated by houses. It is noticeable in her art, which opens the door to a magical dream world that flows with color, form and imagination. She has wonderful color combinations in both her imaginative watercolors and her more abstract acrylic paintings. In the acrylic paintings, there are often imaginative little creatures that appear and surprise the viewer, which makes the pictures exciting.

We have also followed Ulrica Elmberg for a long time, but this is the first time will exhibit her ceramics at RiverCity Gallery. Ulrica works with stoneware clay and she creates both art objects and utility objects. For the most part, she rolls, builds, thumbs, sculptes and curls, but also keeps the rotation alive. In addition to working with her own creation, Ulrica also holds some courses.
”Clay is a great joy for me and means calm, focus, form. With my own production of art and utility objects, I want to inspire others to work with clay. ”

The exhibtion runs until Nov, 22.

Warm welcome!


Oct 23 – Nov 1  Mats Jonasson

We have the pleasure of showing a glass exhibition with the glass artist Mats Jonasson from Målerås.

Preview during “Culture Night” on Friday October 23 at 15.30 – 19.30

Vernissage Saturday October 24 at 12 – 16

Early on, Mats Jonasson’s drawing talent was noticed and he began working as an engraving apprentice at the glassworks as early as 1959. During the following decades, he worked with several of today’s great glass artists. At the same time, he developed the style close to nature, which he has since refined to perfection.

“Our forests have affected the people’s soul since time immemorial,” says Mats Jonasson.

Inspired by this nature, he has with open minds created his distinctive objects in crystal. Today, the glassworks’ son is represented all over the world.

The exhibition is running until Nov, 1.

Warm welcome!


Oct 3 – 18  Tarik Hardaga

In this exhibition, we are met by Tarik Hardaga’s contrasting paintings and varying motifs.

“I like contrasts that give a tension to the image. Dark, light, dark, light – it must never be the same shade one after the other. The most important thing is not the details, but having the right color in the right place. ”

Vernissage Saturday 3 October at 12-16

The exhibition runs until October, 18.

Warm welcome!

Born 1960 in the former Yugoslavia, Sarajevo, Bosnia.
In 1980 he started painting and this led to many well-attended exhibitions in his home country.
He has lived with his family in Sweden since 1994. He began his art education in 1995 in Visby and finished it 4 years later in Falkenberg.

Tarik is inspired by classical art that he wants to reproduce in a modern way. Since the start in his hometown of Sarajevo, he has had several successful exhibitions in Europe and the United States.


Sept 5 – 20  Lennart Samor  ”Distances – Moving – Intimacy

We have the pleasure to present Lennart Samor in the first exhibition this season.

Vernissage Saturday September 5 at 12-16

The exhibition runs until September, 20.

Warm welcome!

“In movement, in time, in space and in mind. But also in shapes, surfaces and colour. To be changing but at the same time being secure. One surface against another, a shape that turns through an incident just as movements in life affect each other. While we are closer than ever to those physically far from us, it is also possible to distance ourselves from the people nearest to us. Through our different touch points we can follow the every day lives of our far away friends without having to be an active part in them. At the same time this can make us estrange ourselves from those closest to us but enable socialising at a distance. Where a look meets someone’s back, a greeting meets a nod and an intimate secret is stored in the cloud. A longing for intimacy can in thoughts and actions lead us closer to each other.”

Lennart Samor portrays his reflections in a series of paintings where bold colours meet passive areas. Meandering movements through events and depths without any apparent logic. Motifs from people’s lives give substance to the telling of fragments from every day life like a collage. Through an uncommon spontaneous basketball game or a common social media update, Lennart Samor tells a narrative that passively comments on his life and every day events. A motif that shows a quick social media post (in an internet feed) which will be forgotten within an hour, will be retained for all time as a painting. A selfie painted on canvas turns into a portrait of an era. A memory from a certain place, a meadow in the forest or a stretch of summer-warm, pine-scented beach.


Summer exhibitions with guest exhibitors

During the summer, the gallery is visited by various artists during shorter exhibitions.
The artists themselves are present throughout the exhibitions.
Below you can see the entire program.

June 27 – July 2 Damir Gutic

July 3 -9 Margareta Alvthin

July 18-23 Gunnel Nirving and Thomaz Grahl

July 25 – 30 Mia Älegård

Aug 1 – 6 Ewa-Britt Andersson and Katja Laakso

Aug 7 – 16 Dalibor Eminefendic



April 18 – June 14   SPRING EXHIBITION

A mixed spring exhibition where you can see art by a variety of artists.

Due to the prevailing situation with Covid -19, the number of people staying in the gallery at the same time will be limited. We urge anyone who knows the symptoms to respect the rules that the authorities have issued and to stay at home.

You can now shop through our website, where you will find many of our works of art.

Warmly welcome both physically and digitally!


March 21 – April 5  Arjuna Geir Aasehaug

In this exhibition we will be met by Arjunas Geir Aasehaug’s dreamy and enigmatic expression.

Arjuna works primarily with acrylic on canvas. He is interested in contrasts in both the technical and the thematic, and is happy to explore the contradictions and different characteristics that live side by side in the world.

“I seek in a poetic way to say something about loneliness, isolation and perishability in human existence. I also explore the meeting between our inner world and the outer; room and movement in the room. People or animals are often found wandering inland in an undefined landscape; People often just like a shadow or a silhouette. Time and work process are also important key words: I want there to be traces of time and work process in my paintings. Often several layers of different worlds on top of each other. “

Arjuna Geir Aasehaug has had several separate exhibitions in Scandinavia in recent years, and he has participated in jury-judged exhibitions; among others the Autumn Salon in Edsvik Konsthall both 2015 and 2018.

Vernissage Saturday, March 21 from 12-16

Warm welcome!


Feb 22 – March 8  Group exhibition “GÖTEBORG”

RiverCity Gallery is hosting a theme exhibition about our beautiful city Göteborg.
The invited artists make their own interpretations of the city and express themselves with the help of different techniques. Painting, glass, enamel and photo.

Artwork by Annika Clarholm,  Steve Bettman, Mia Frankedal, Marika Lang, Malin Wävendahl, Anders Hammarström, Tobias Liljeborg, David Obi and Stina Gunnarsson and others can be seen in the exhibition.

Vernissage Saturday, February, 22 from 12-16

Warm welcome!


Jan 25 – Feb 9  Jenny Söderlund  “Summer memories”
(painting and sculpture)

We present the artist Jenny Söderlund in this year’s first solo exhibition “Summer Memories”.
In the exhibition we will show both paintings and sculptures.

Jenny was born in 1972 and lives in Bankeryd just outside Jönköping. Jenny combines her own creation with teaching painting and sketching at Mullsjö Folkhögskola.

“I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and it started in Grandma’s lap at home in the kitchen. Then the favorite motif was princesses and castles and now, just over forty years later, it is still the girl or woman who is at the center. However, without the princess crown. Animals have always been close to me and cats and dogs are recurring elements in both painting and sculpting.

After many years of devoting myself to acrylic painting, I have started sculpting more and more in recent years. It is exciting to see how my ladies from the paintings “step out” and become a three-dimensional shape.

I see my paintings and sculptures as a touch in a story that I want the viewer to continue to fantasize about. ”

Vernissage Saturday, January 25 from 12-16

Warm welcome!



Dec, 4 -18   Christmas exhibition

Welcome to take part in an exhibition full of art in different techniques.
You will be met by both new and old acquaintances!

We are presenting for the first time in the gallery:
David Tedfeldt, Tarik Hardaga and Omid Ghorab
Among our previously featured artists you will find Maria C Bernhardsson, Ingrid Leonardsson, Mahmoud Alsadi, Barbro Hallén, Niklas Fännick, Kerstin Gadd, Natalia Johansson, Johanna Lawner, Arjuna Geir Aasehaug, Lennart Berggren and others.

We want to show as many of our talented artists as possible, therefore will change the exhibition during the period. It allows you who want to buy a piece of art to take it home before the end of the exhibition.

Vernissage on Wednesday, December 4 from 16-20

We wish you all a warm welcome!


Nov, 9 – 24    Louise Villa  “The princess in the garden and the Lily Ponds (oil / acrylic)

Louise Villa is born in 1974 and now living and working outside Lund. She has always painted and started exhibiting in 2013. Since then, there have been many exhibitions around Sweden and also abroad. Louise paints in oil and acrylic. She often works in several layers to give the paintings a depth.

Louise has a Bachelor of Design in Design, University of Design and Crafts, HDK, Gothenburg 2001. She has also artistic education from Dômen’s graphic school, Öland Folkhögskola Bild och Form, SV’s full-time painter school in Malmö. Various watercolors and ceramics courses as well as portrait painting at the Florence Academy of Fine Art in Gothenburg and the Swedish Academy of Realist Art, Simrishamn.

“I think of art as a way of communication. An artwork leads the recipient to his/her own deep intuitive self. To expirience art we spontaneoulsy reach inside our selfes. To look at the surface is just not enough, even though it may be compelling with its colors, contrasts and motives. It is what happens inside us, as viewers, that is of real interest. When we expirience art that resonates with our own history and experience, we feel moved, touched, stirred, even provoked.”

Vernissage  Saturday, November 9 at 12-16

Warm welcome!


Oct, 12 – 27   Steve Bettman   (watercolor)

Now Steve Bettman is back with a new solo exhibition. We are happy to once again be able to show his watercolors.

Vernissage Saturday, October 12 at 12-16

Steve is trained in both watercolor and oil painting and has found his unique style from the two different worlds; the watercolor with its fast and spontaneous expression and the oil’s methodical, solid feel. The motifs are usually landscapes, sea motifs, and portraits, and he emphasizes the simplicity of his surroundings in a confident and self-evident way.

Warm welcome!


Oct, 25 Culture night Gothenburg

The gallery will take part in “Culture Night” on Friday, October 25 from 15.30 – 19.30.

Meet artist Steve Bettman this evening. Steve is one of the gallery’s very popular artists and has an ongoing exhibition during Culture Night.

Welcome to a gallery evening with mingle, artist talk and fantastic pictures!


Sept, 14 – 29   Barbro HallénTobias LiljeborgKerstin Gadd

In this exhibition we meet three watercolor artists with very personal expressions.

Vernissage  Saturday, September 14 at 12-16

Warm welcome!


Aug, 24 – Sept, 8   Magnus K Larson  (mixed media)

In our first solo exhibition after the summer, we present Magnus K Larson.

Magnus is an autodidact artist and his motifs are usually abstract. He works with a mixed media based on gouache.

“I never decide before which motif I will paint, only which colors I will use and then the motif will grow while painting, layer on layer. I get my inspiration from other art as well as from my surroundings,  from a broken facade, a rusty sheet or the clouds in the sky. “

Vernissage Saturday, August 24 at 12-16

Warm welcome!


Summer exhibitions with guest artists

During the summer different artists are guests in the gallery during some shorter exhibitions. The artists run their own exhibitions and will be present in the gallery.
You find the whole program below.

June, 29 – July, 4       Sara Pejlare

July, 26 – Aug, 1         Elena Orman

Aug, 3 – Aug, 8          Johanna Almgren

Aug, 10 – Aug, 15         Maria Lekenstam


May 22 – June 12 Summer exhibition

Group exhibition with a number of our artists.

We exhibit art from Maria C Bernhardsson, Hans-Göran Broman, Barbro Hallén, Steve Bettman, Camilla Hyllén, Arjuna Geir Aasehaug, Mia Wiking, M K Larson, Charlotta Gavelin, Hans O Bergman, Marie-Louise Landén, Alf Bengtsson, Louise Villa, David Obi, Ingrid Leonardsson, Tobias Liljeborg, Anne Walker, Niklas Fännick, Heike Thiede, Masayoshi Oya … and we have art from many more!

Warm welcome!

April  27 – May 12  Anne Walker and Masayoshi Oya  (photo and ceramic)

In the exhibition “Color and form” we meet two fantastic artists. The photographer Anne Walker and the potter Masayoshi Oya. An exciting meeting between photo art and ceramics.

Anne is inspired by Impressionism and Abstract Art, her images are elusive, metaphorical, and poetic. Her camera is her brush and nature is her palette.

Traditional art and crafts from Japan have been a great source of inspiration for Masayoshi and it is the mixture between the Swedish and the Japanese that shapes his ideas and himself as an artist. He turns in stoneware and porcelain and his works are covered by sophisticated and vibrant glazes. His ceramics are characterized by a distinctly aesthetic approach but also a subtle playfulness and ease.

Vernissage Saturday, April 27 at 12-16

Warm welcome!


April 6 -14  Jubilee exhibition

We are proud to celebrate the gallery’s 5th anniversary. We do this with an exhibition filled with art from our fantastic artists. One artwork by every artist. So there will be a lovely mixed show.

The artists participating are Hans-Göran Broman, Mia Wiking, Charlotta Gavelin, Marika Lang, Natalia Johansson, Mia Frankedal, Steve Bettman, Arjuna Geir Aasehaug, Hans O Bergman, Anita Johansson, Ingrid Draminsky, Wendela Liander, Anna Rosenbäck, Marie-Louise Landén, Louise Villa, Alf Bengtsson, Maria C Bernhardsson, Anders Hammarström, Marie-Louise Lindell, Ingrid Leonardsson, Stina Gunnnarsson, Annika Clarholm, Lennart Berggren, Joachim Karkea, Anna Ryman, Kerstin Gadd, Zehra Ay, Claes Hillén, Olle Brandqvist, Torbjörn Hahne, Katarina Puente, Tobias Liljeborg, Camilla Hyllén, Tony Roos, Anne Walker, Lena Öritsland, Niklas Fännick, Diana Laitinen, Dagmar Glemme, Bitte Liljevall-Sjöström, Mahmoud Alsadi, Susanne Norberg, Barbro Hallén, M K Larson, David Obi, Chritel Jönsson, Masayoshi Oya.

Vernissage Saturday, April 6 at 12-16

Warm welcome!


March 16 – 31  Susanna Arwin “Different sides of the same thing” (painting and sculpture)

We are happy to present Susanna Arwin and the exhibition “different sides of the same thing”

Susanna is a painter and sculptor and for her, the expression has always shifted between different techniques and imagery, according to what is to be said by her. This exhibition will show painting in acrylic, paper paintings, mixed media, graphics and sculptures in bronze in the form of both the ”auntie” and the handbag etc. . . . many expressions that the exhibition’s name wants to signal.

Susanna Arwin has become known as the creator of the art project “The Swedish Auntie”.

She has had many exhibitions over the years both at galleries, art halls and museums. She is represented by the State Art Council, several municipalities, county councils and companies. In recent years, she has mainly worked with public and private assignments, among others for Alingsås municipality where the bronze sculpture “With the handbag as a weapon” is found and for the New Academy Awards (alternative Nobel Prize in literature) where she made a statue in bronze as a prize.

Vernissage Saturday, March, 16 at 12-16

During the opening day at 13.00, Susanna will talk about her life with “The Swedish Auntie”

Warm welcome!

March, 30 Bookrelease “Mamsell Henrika – a biography” by Louise Lindblom.

Feb (22) 23 – March 10  Claes Hillén (photo)

Photographer Claes Hillén exhibits landscape images in abstraction and perfection.
They will move you from the impressing landscapes, where the Andalusian almond trees show up in their full splendor, to intimate landscapes in the Nordic nature.

Claes Hillén is an autodidact, a photographer who for many years walked around with his camera in the forest, mountains and coastal landscape. He has had 15 own exhibitions over the years and has also been part of a number of exhibitions with other photographers and artists.

Preview Friday, February 22 at 17-20

Vernissage Saturday, February 23 at 12-16

Warm welcome!


Jan 26 – Feb 10   Natalia Johansson (painting)

We are happy to introduce Natalia Johansson in this year’s first exhibition.
She is educated at Mukhina Art Institute. Since the 90’s she has been living and working as an artist in Stockholm. She has exhibited in art galleries, museums and galleries all over Sweden and abroad.
Natalia paints mainly in oil and acrylic.

“I am inspired by everything possible that I see in front of me, sometimes it can be small cities that I visit, sometimes groups with people. It is very different impressions that give imput to the motives in my paintings. I try to stylize and create my own way of painting. I am very interested in different combinations of colors – how they work together and what effect one can get on a canvas “

Vernissage Saturday January, 26 at 12-16

Warm welcome!



Nov, 24 – Dec, 20   Christmas exhibition

This year’s Christmas exhibition will offer art in different forms.

Among the participating artists are:
Arjuna Geir Aasehaug (painting), Lennart Berggren (painting), Steve Bettman (painting), Liv Borglund (sculpture), Dagmar Glemme (glass and painting), Anders Hammarström (photo), M.K. Larsson (painting), Ingrid Leonardsson (glass), Susanne Norberg (painting), Mia Wiking (painting) and others.

Vernissage Saturday November, 24 at 12-16

Warm welcome!

Nov, 10 – 18   Linda Ljungblad

In this exhibition paintings by Linda Ljungblad is shown. Watercolor artist, born in 1988. She grew up in Falkenberg, now living and working in Gothenburg.

“Has painted and created as long as I can remember, and the watercolor has become a faithful companion over the years. Loves light and contrasts, which often can be seen in my paintings. Always take a picture of the places I visit and  then try to recreate the environment and the personal feeling in my watercolors. Recurring city and ocean motif has also become a distinctive feature of my art. “

Vernissage Saturday 10 November at 12-16

Warm welcome!

Oct, 24 – Nov, 7 Collection exhibition

During this period we show art in different techniques from our talented artists.

Welcome to visit us!

Oct, 6 – 21   Christel Jönsson

Now Christel Jönsson returns to Gothenburg to show her exciting and expressive paintings in tempera. It will be her third solo show here, this time at RiverCity Gallery. She has exhibited since 1982, both in Sweden and Italy.

“I’m interested in creating some kind of modern icons that serve as reminders for us about what’s important, for real.”

Christel Jönsson was born in 1959 in Ängelholm. She received her artistic education at the Academy of Arts in Italian Florence, where great emphasis was focused on artistic craftsmanship. After ten years in Italy, she moved home to Sweden, to Viken in Skåne, where she now is active. She both paints and works with film and performance. In her paintings she uses techniques from the old bottega tradition based on the tempera, where she, with humble disrespect, experiments on something new.

Vernissage Saturday October, 6 at 12-16

Warm welcome!


Sept, 22 – 30   Autumn Collection

Collection exhibition with painting, as well as a little sculpture, glass and photo. Shown during the period September, 22-30  2018.

Participating artists:  Arjuna Geir Aasehaug, Maria C Bernhardsson, Steve Bettman, Annika Clarholm, Ingrid Draminsky, Niklas Fännick, Charlotta Gavelin, Stina Gunnarsson, Torbjörn Hahne, Barbro Hallén, Anders Hammarström, Joachim Karkea, Ingrid Leonardsson, Katarina Puente, Anna Ryman, Louise Villa, Mia Wiking, Malin Wävendahl

Warm welcome!


Sept, 1 – 16   Joachim Karkea

In the first exhibition this season, we are pleased to show Joachim Karkea’s watercolor paintings. Joachim grew up in Junosuando in Tornedalen and started painting already at the age of 12. He mostly paints landscape motifs and city motifs with strong skies and lights. Joachim has been called the “Master of light”. He participated in the SVT Artistic Dream in 2016.

Vernissage Saturday September, 1 at 12-16

Warm welcome!


Summer exhibitions with guest artists!!!

Different artists are guests in the gallery to show their art during the period June, 30 until August, 16. The artists run their own exhibitions and will be present in the gallery. The whole programme will be found here:

June, 30  – July, 4     Vidura Dushmantha

July, 6 – July, 12       Erna Velic och Sanela Sudic

July, 13 – July, 19     Malin Wävendahl Blom

July, 21 – July, 26   Ann-Pia Azizuddin och Helena Gavois

July, 28 – Aug, 2       Eva Fredriksson

Aug, 4 – Aug, 9          Lena Maijanen

Aug, 10 – Aug, 16      Maria Lekenstam


May, 31 – June,14 Summer exhibition (painting, glass, enamel, sculpture and photo)

Last show for the season!
We exhibit small and large in a number of techniques by our wonderful artists.

Steve Bettman, Ingrid Leonardsson, Mia Frankedal, Hans O Bergman, Katarina Puente Nyman, Zehra Ay, Maria C Bernhardsson, Stina Gunnarsson, Heike Thiede, Hans Göran Broman, Mia Wiking, Torbjörn Hahne, Natalia Johansson, Anna Bergström, Barbro Hallén, Lena Öritsland, Britta Grönstrand …

Vernissage Thursday May, 31 at 15 – 19

Pop in for an afterwork and if you find some artwork you like, we will be happy!
If you want to bring directly, it’s possible.
The exhibition runs until Thursday June, 14.

Warm welcome!


May, 12 – 27  Niklas Fännick (sculpture) and
Charlotta Gavelin (cyanotopi/photo)

“What’s fragile?
Nature? Life? The time? And what is our relation to the fragile?
In human relation to nature and our environment there are many aspects of fragility, from the life of a grass stream to the great in the environment or a changing landscape. In this exhibition there are different collections over time. It has been compiled into converted objects or arranged for a photographic impression in a way to stop, check, remember and remind.”

In this exhibition we meet two Gothenburg artists. Niklas Fännick who makes sculptures of recycled metal and Charlotta Gavelin, photographer, who shows images made with a very old photographic method, cyanotopi. Different art forms but two artists with similarities in their thoughts and expressions united in the common theme “Fragile things”.

Vernissage Saturday May, 12 2018 at 12-16

Warm welcome!


April, 14 – 29  Hans-Göran Broman (painting) and
Torbjörn Hahne (reliefs and images in stoneware and glass)

In the upcoming exhibition Hans-Göran Broman returns and shows his masterly painting in oil. This time together with Torbjörn Hahne, who shows reliefs and images in stoneware and glass. Two highly skilled and experienced artists we are proud to show in a joint exhibition.

Hans-Göran Broman’s painting moves in a boarder zone between the abstract and the figurative. The figures are indicated and it triggers the mind on the viewer. Interesting color and form combinations in a superb technical performance. His interest in painting was first raised at the drawing lessons at school, and he has been painting ever since. Nowadays in a studio at Rydal Museum.

Torbjörn Hahne studied ceramics at Konstfack in Stockholm, and has then been educated in both glass and enamel. Inspiration fetches Torbjörn from nature, trips and hikes. The impressions are collected and then expressed in amazing experimental colors and shapes that grow through, for example, raku burning. It will be a kind of painting with the help of the fire and the oxides. His creation takes place in many stages with sketches, paintings, photographs and screens, both in own studio at Hindås and at KKV in Gothenburg.

Vernissage Saturday April, 14 at 12-16



March, 3 – 18  Lena Öritsland “Cranes, rust and sky” (photo)

Photographer Lena Öritsland exhibits pictures from the Gothenburg Harbour.

Lena has been walking with a camera on her shoulder since she was 17, and when she began to approach her 30s, she wanted to take the opportunity to develop her artistic side, she sought and entered the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Some of the photos from her graduation exhibition were then taken to a collective exhibition for Swedish photography at the Modern Museum. Today Lena works full time with her artistic photography.

The shipyards, harbor and cranes have always been in Lena’s life and after moving back to Gothenburg from Stockholm, she understood how much they symbolised. When she received free access to the harbor area in 2015, she spent during 6 months about twenty days in the harbor. She documented cranes, docks, ladders, raindrops, early morning till late in the evening and in all kinds of weather. Then it took a whole year before Lena came up with what she wanted to do with the pictures and what expression she would have when she showed them.

Now you can see her pictures in the exhibition “Cranes, rust and sky”.

Vernissage Saturday March, 3 at 12-16



Jan, 27 – Feb,11  Wendela Liander “Another way” (painting)

This year’s first exhibitor is Wendela Liander. An exhibition filled with colors, longing, people and life. Wendela paints in acrylic and painting has always been necessary for her. She paints both in her own studio outside Kungsbacka and at Lindholmen art school for Peter Hefner. Wendela has participated in both separate and group exhibitions since 2001.

Vernissage Saturday January, 27 at 12-16



Dec, 2-21 Christmas exhibition

Welcome to enjoy an exhibition filled with paintings, photos, glass art and some other nice things!!!

In this year’s Christmas exhibition we want to show as many of our talented artists as possible. It will therefore be a moving exhibition where we rebuilding it during the show period. It makes it possible to directly bring purchased artwork.

Participating artists:

Nick Olsen, Stina Gunnarsson, Ingrid Leonardsson, Anne Walker, Barbro Hallen, Hans-Göran Broman, Lennart Berggren, Tony Roos, Steve Bettman, Alf Bengtsson, Camilla Hyllen, David Obi, Mia Wiking, Anna Bergström, Katarina Puente Nyman, Emma Winèus, Louise Villa, Joachim Karkea, Annika Clarholm, Hans O Bergman, Torbjörn Hahne, Marie-Louise Lindell, Maria C Bernhardsson, Bitte Liljevall Sjöström, Olle Brandqvist, Jim De Block and others.

Opening weekend Dec, 2-3 opened at 12-16



Nov, 11-26 Maria C Bernhardsson (paintings)

Marias paintings flow in color, shape and imagination. It was the dream of a house that got her to start painting her own fantasy house and then it has continued.

Characteristic for Marias painting for many years was naivistic house motifs and strong colors. In recent years, however, the houses have become more diffuse and a little dreamy and painted in many layers but still with strong colors. There is a lot of feeling that rules and Maria rarely knows what it will be from the beginning.

“The color is the most important to me. Gladly with as many colors as possible in combination at the same time. Contrasts, strong colors-bright pastels, dark-luminous, angular, skewed, dreamy, naive, layer on layer. Something is hidden there under all the colors – something pop out. “

Vernissage Saturday November, 11 at 12-16



Oct, 14-29 Olle Brandqvist (paintings and sculptures)

RiverCity Gallery presents Olle Brandqvist in this exhibition, showing paintings and sculptures. We will see especially his watercolors, but also get to know his sculptures. Probably it is his stone heads that are most famous. But even the ttinsculptures, undecided people and the wild nature stuck in the visitor’s eye and memory.

Olle is educated at Konstindustriskolan in Gothenburg and Konstfack in Stockholm.

Over the years, he has received ATatens Arbetsstidendium (Scholarship) on two occasions. He is represented at Borås Art Museum, in Stockholm, Södertälje, Marks, with several municipalities, at Statens Konstråd and in the municipality of Mark. Larger outdoor work is in Borås and in the sculpture parks at the Astely Gallery in Uttersberg and in the Hishult Art Hall.

The list of exhibitions is very long and includes art museums and art galleries as well as galleries in Sweden and abroad. The latest exhibitions have been at Borås Art Museum, Glasets Hus in Limmared and recently Hishults Konsthall. Now it’s Gothenburg that meets Olle Brandqvist.

Vernissage Saturday October, 14 at 12-16



Sept, 23 – Oct, 8 Jim De Block “Neither here nor there” (photo)

We are happy to present Jim De Block and the photo exhibition “Neither here nor there”.

Jim De Block is a Belgian photographer based in Göteborg, Sweden. He studied Fine arts photography at the Royal Academy in Antwerp. Jim is also a professional dancer and choreographer currently employed at the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani. His training and practice as a dance artist is clearly visible in his photographic work, where the body in relation to space is always a central theme. 
In his photographic series “Neither here nor there” he proposes a poetic renegotiation of the relationship we humans have with our surroundings. How do we relate to our environment and how can we imagine ourselves moving through and occupying our habitat differently?With his work he draws a parallel universe, envisioning an alternate reality where the impossible seems possible and the mundane seems remarkable. The “Neither here nor there” series have been exhibited at the Copenhagen Architecture Festival this year and will now be shown in Sweden for the first time.

Vernissage on Saturday September, 23 at 12-16



Aug, 19 – Sept 3  “Horses” (paintings and ceramic sculptures)

The artists David Obi, Birgitta Ryberg, Johanna Lawner and Caroline Hopkins participate and show paintings and sculptures of horses.

Vernissage on August, 19 at 12-16!


Summar exhibitions 2017

Our summer exhibitions are run by the artists themselves.
You find the hole programme below.

Welcome to take part of an exiting summer season!

June, 30 – July, 6   Zdenka Kalisky and Anita Rådberg

July, 7 – 13    Mia Wiking and Anna Bergström

July, 14 – 20   Emma Winèus

July, 21 – 27   Katarina Puente Nyman and Zehra Ay

July, 28 – Aug, 3   Weronica Dahlén

Aug, 4 – 10    Vänersborgs Konstgrafiska Verkstad

May, 20  – June,22   SPRING EXHIBITION

In this group exhibition you will meet many of our artists.

Some of them are: Steve Bettman, Ingrid Leonardsson, Maria C Bernhardsson, Hans O Bergman, Torbjörn Hahne, Lennart Berggren, Anna Ryman, Annika Clarholm and others.

April, 29 – May, 14  Alexandru Dina “Contrasts” (paintings)

March, 11 – 26  Stina Gunnarsson “Station to station” (paintings)

Jan, 28 – Feb, 12  Mia Wiking & Ingrid Leonardsson (painting, mixed media and glass)


Nov,26  – Dec, 17  Group exhibition

Participating artsits in the Christmas exhibition this year …

Helena Backmark – mixed media
Louise Villa – painting
Alf Bengtsson – wood sculpture / OP-art
Olle Olsson – photo
Jürgen Asp – drawing and water color

12 – 20 nov  Anita Johansson (painting and graphic)

15 – 23 okt  Steve Bettman (painting)

17 – 25 sept  Anne Walker & Maria Uleander (photo and textile)

3 – 11 sept  Kate Hellqvist & Karl-Gustaf Hellqvist (painting and photo)

27 – 28 aug  Bookrelease and art exhibition,  ”De besvärliga – Skyddshemmets vanartiga flickor” by Louise Lindblom

Summar exhibitions 2017

July, 2 – 7 Emma Järvenpää, collage art

July, 8 – 14 Dawn Yoshimura, paintings

June, 3 – 22  Summer exhibition

An exiting mixture of art from our talented artists is shown during this exhibition.

 May,26 – June,2  Michael Ben-Menachem, “The Power of Colors”, photo art

 May, 7 – 21 Maria Lund (Painting / mixed media)

April, 9 – 23 Jubilee exhibition (paintings, photography, glass, ceramics)

The gallery becomes two years and celebrates by showing an exiting group exhibition.

Participating artists: Amanda Karlsson, Hans-Göran Broman, Jenny Forsgren, Hans O Bergman, Maria C Bernhardsson, Anne Walker, Claes Hillén, Helén Tapper, Birgitta Jannesson

 March, 5 – 19 David Obi  “Gothenburg in me” (paintings)

In the exhibition ” Gothenburg in me”, we meet David Obi and his popular paintings with motifs from Gothenburg. David has held several solo exhibitions in Gothenburg, he has also participated in group exhibitions at the River City Gallery , and now we finally see a new solo exhibition of his amazing paintings .

David Obi was born in 1980 and grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. He has been drawing and painting all his life . He studied General Art at the Yaba College of Technology in Lagos. He has been living and working in Gothenburg, but currently lives in Oslo.

 Jan, 22  – Feb, 6  Camilla Hyllén & Camilla Svensson
(paintings and silversmith)

In an thrilling encouter, we show the imaginative paitnings of Camilla Hyllén  and the beautiful jewelery art by Camilla Svensson.

Vernissage during “Kulturnatta” Friday  Jan, 22 between 16-23.


Nov, 20 – Dec, 12 “Five expressions”

Five artists show their personal expressions in different techniques.

Mia Wiking, oil and mixed media
Torbjörn Hahne, ceramics
Ingrid Leonardsson, glass
David Obi, mixed media
Marie Sjölin, linoleum / mixed media



Oct, 10 – 18  Hans-Göran Broman (oil paintings)

Hans-Göran Broman’s paintings move in a border zone between the abstract and the figurative. This is his first solo exhibition in Gothenburg, even though he had many exhibitions since 1990.

His interest in painting, was first raised at drawing lessons at school, and he has been painting ever since.It is in the oil painting that he feels at home.
“It has the whole directory, from thin to thick , from opaque to transparent . “

Warmly welcome to visit the exhibition which runs from  October 10 to 18.


Sept, 4 – 13 Claes Hillén “Landskapande”(photography)

Warmly welcome to see Claes Hilléns photo exhibition “Landskapande” which runs between September 4 – 13 .

Claes Hillén is a self-taught photographer with a passion for big and small landscapes and he has held several exhibitions and slide shows in recent years. Claes is also a dedicated street photographer.



May, 22 – June, 6 Spring exhibition

Cilla Persson, glass

Gun Eld Sandström, oil painting

Hans Björsson, oil painting

Karl-Gustaf Hellqvist, photo

Kate Hellqvist, acrylic / watercolor painting

Susanne Norberg, watercolor painting



May, 2 – 16  Hélen Tapper “pierced and tattooed glass”

April, 11 – 25 Marika Lang (paintings)

March, 14 – 28 Jan Stigland (paintings)

Feb, 21 – March, 7 Amanda Karlsson ”You Humble Me” (oil paintings)

Jan, 10 – 24 Birgitta Jannesson (ceramics) and
Gerd Thorngren (paintings and graphics)


Nov, 22 – Dec, 16 Christmas exhibition
(paintings, photo, glass and ceramics)

Group exhibition with artists from both earlier and coming exhibitions.

Participating artists:

Louise Lindblom, painting
Ingrid Leonardsson, glass
Jan Stigland, painting
Agneta Starfelt, painting
Camilla Hyllén, painting
David Obi, painting
Birgitta Jannesson, ceramics
Jenny Forsgren, painting
Anne Walker, photo
Hans O Bergman, painting

Nov 8 – 18 Anne Walker, “Reflection” (photography)

Oct 18 – 28 2014 Mia Frankedal (paintings and glass)

Oct 4 – 14 2014 Hans O Bergman (abstract oil paintings)

Sept 27 – 28 2014 Children´s book release “Skatan och Juveltjuvarna” by Carin Öberg. Illustrations made by Tina Pettersson is shown in the gallery.

Sept 6 – 20 2014 Älvstadens Konstförening (group exhibition)

Aug 23 – Sept 2 2014 Jenny Forsgren (watercolor paintings)


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